Doers, Not (Just) Donors

Citizen Alum Listening Project

In the CCEL, we are proud our community engaged alumni are doers, not (just) donors and we want to tell your community engagement story right here on our web page.

The CCEL is kicking off a Citizen Alum Listening Project September 2013 wherein current WSU students interview community engaged alumni. Your story will be featured here on our website and shared with current students to help them in their efforts to lead, learn and make a difference in our community.

If you are interested in having your current community engaged story recorded and shared, please email the CCEL at with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Year Graduated:
  • Brief description of current community engaged work:
  • State in which you currently reside:
  • Phone number:
  • Email address:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mentoring Opportunities


Become a mentor to the Community Engaged Leaders program.  

The Community Engaged Leaders Program is a student-run community engagement program. The program is part of WSUSA; it's leadership is comprised of a VP of Service, an assistant director, 4 directors and 16 chairs. Each week, the Community Engaged Leaders receive training from a member of the campus or local community. These topics include: Professionalism, Diversity, Time Management, Communication, Reflection, Stress Management, etc. If you are interested in serving as a mentor to this student group, please contact Mike Moon.


Join us for one of our large days of service.  

The Center for Community Engaged Learning facilitates four large days of service each year:


  • WSU Service Day of Remembrance
  • Make-A-Difference Day
  • WSU Remembers MLK Week of Service
  • WSU Makes A Difference In Ogden

We view these days of service as an opportunity for alumni to volunteer alongside current WSU students to provide mentorship and to demonstrate life-long commitment to community.  Alumni event details such as dates, times and locations, will be posted as they are made available.  


Travel with our Alternative Break Program students

Alternative Spring Break is a week-long service project in distant communities that gives students an opportunity to participate in community service and hands-on learning experiences during spring break. Students address issues of poverty, hunger, and social injustice. Volunteers may also provide vital humanitarian aid and disaster relief.  This could be an opportunity to serve with current WSU students in your area as this group travels. If you have ideas for service sites and needs, please contact Mike Moon.


The Alternative Break Program is adding an international summer trip this year wherein 10 trip slots have been reserved for WSU Alumni and their partners.



Visit Us as an Event Speaker


Civitas is a community engaged scholar program at WSU that helps students integrate civic engagement into their higher education experience. Contact Leah Murray if you would like to present to this student group.


Community Engagement Symposium

The Center for Community Engaged Learning hosts an annual symposium to give civically engaged students an opportunity to present what they have learned through their volunteer work, community engaged learning projects, or community research.  It is a chance for students to display the impact their work has had on themselves and on the community.  Please contact Brenda Kowalewski if you are interested in being the featured speaker for this event.


Engaged Learning Series

The Engaged Learning Series is a yearly series based on a topic around which the WSU campus will focus its engagement and service. ELS includes a series of events, exhibitions, speakers, community service events, etc. surrounding the selected theme.  Please contact Sarah Steimel if you would like to present as part of this series.