CCEL Student Team: Community Research Team


Apply for 2020-21 Position

 Students on this team will receive a tuition waiver.

2020-21 CRT Application


Dr. Alexander Lancaster - Advisor for Community Research Team -

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Do you want to help your community and gain valuable skills for your future career and/or graduate school? Apply for a position on the Community Research Team and you can do all that while also earning course credit and a small tuition waiver. Members of the CCEL’s Community Research Team work with other students and community organizations to conduct research for the community organizations. The research projects are mentored by faculty advisors, and no previous research experience is required.

Community Research Team 2019-20


  • Kailey Markos
  • Liz Homez Gonzalez
  • Heather Sheehan


  • Graduate mentor: Mitchell Whitfield