Civitas is a community engaged scholar program at WSU that rewards students who have integrated civic engagement into their higher education experience.

Students meeting program requirements graduate with Non Sibi, Sed Civitas (Not for self, for community) noted on their transcript, as well as wear an honor cord and pin at graduation.

Requirements for Completing the Program
  1. Completion of the Introduction to Civitas course. This one-credit class. Course credit is offered through any department of the student's choosing under Directed Readings and Projects 4830.

    Course objectives:
    • Students will learn how to write a reflective essay both for participation in a project and for response to material covered.
    • Students will learn how to navigate the Civitas program, specifically how to create a portfolio.
    • Students will develop a plan for fulfilling the artifacts for the program.
  2. Participation in two days of service, the annual Community Engagement Symposium, and a group book discussion in the spring.
  3. Completion of an online portfolio. This portfolio will contain ten personal civic experiences and must be successfully reviewed against the Community Engaged Learning Outcomes Rubric by an evaluation committee of the student's choosing. This portfolio will be an asset to students for future academic and professional endeavors.

All requirements must be fulfilled by the time of graduation.

To Apply

Complete the Civitas Application. Fill out form. 

For questions or more information, please contact Civitas Program Coordinator at