Community Engaged Leaders

The Community Engaged Leaders Service Team is a student-run community service program in partnership with WSUSA. Our passion for service and love for people motivate us to change lives, open eyes, and improve the community by engaging students.

Hayley Harris
VP of Service

Brody Gibson
Assistant to the VP

General Service Events

Melanie Flores
Director General Service

Done-in-a-Day Special Service Opportunities OWCAP- Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership Weber County Clerk/Auditor Ogden

Housing and Environment Programming

Brooke Bailey
Director Housing and Environment Programming

Habitat for Humanity Ogden Nature Center Your Community Connection

Health and Ability Programming

Ty Nelson
Director Health and Ability Programming

American Red Cross Best Buddies Catholic Community Services GOAL Foundation Special Olympics Teams Weber Cares

Education Programming

Kimmie Trimble
Director Education Programming

Big Brothers, Big Sisters Boys & Girls Club DaVinci Academy Family Enrichment Center YMCA After-School Program Youth Impact

Alternative Breaks

Melissa Eisert
Director Alternative Breaks

Christian Schweitzer
Chair - Fundraising and Budgets

Seana Hall
Chair - Community Partners

Alternative Break Trips



To apply for a Community Engaged Leader position on one of the three teams - service, democratic engagement, or community research - please complete the following steps:

1) Submit an online WSU general scholarship application by logging into your student portal and searching on "financial aid and scholarship application."

2) Complete the FAFSA (financial aid form) - link provided in the scholarship application.

3) Complete an online application for

        Service Team 

        Democratic Engagement Team 

        Community Research Team 


Applications due April 1, 2016.


Student leaders are expected to grow in at least one of the following learning outcomes: 

  • Civic Knowledge
  • Civic Skills
  • Civic Values
  • Civic Action


Mike Moon - Service Team -

Leah Murray - Democratic Engagement Team -

Sheldon Cheshire - Democratic Engagement Team -

Monica Williams - Community Research Team -

Pamela Payne - Community Research Team -

Carla Jones - CCEL Front Desk -