CEL Designation General Parameters

The CEL designation on courses stands for Community Engaged Learning and simply indicates that the course involves a community engagement teaching strategy such as community engaged research.

Some key things to keep in mind:

  • Any existing course at WSU may work for this designation.
  • The CEL experience in the course may be required or optional for students.
  • Individual sections of courses may receive the CEL designation for individual instructors, or all sections of a course may receive the CEL designation if all sections, regardless of instructor, offer a CEL experience to students.
  • Community partnerships in CEL-designated courses are with non-profit organizations; although, for-profit organizations that serve the underserved and marginalized populations or that need assistance with social justice issues also qualify.

Requirements for CEL Designation:

  • All Community Engaged Learning designated courses must require students to set up a Weber Sync account as per risk management compliance.
  • All Community Engaged Learning designated courses are expected to have students log all hours through Weber Sync for annual reporting purposes as per Carnegie Classification compliance.

Receiving a CEL Designation  

Receiving a CEL designation on your course announces to students at the time of registration that your course involves a community engaged learning or community engaged research project. It also registers your course with the CCEL, which in turn provides support to you and your students.

Application and Review Process

The CEL designation application requires your syllabus, your CEL outcomes, your plan for reflection in the course, among other things. Please have these handy. Beginning Fall 2018, we will use Curriculog to review and approve proposals. Isabel Asensio will chair the CEL Curriculum Committee, which consists of experienced CEL faculty at WSU, who will review each application. After the committee completes its review of applications, the course instructor, department chair, department administrative assistant, and dean will be notified.


Contact: Isabel Asensio    isabelasensio@weber.edu

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CEL Application

CEL Designation Course Evaluation Rubric 

CEL courses at WSU

Application Deadlines for courses taught in:

  • Spring: October 1
  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall: March 1 


Call for applications