Special Olympics Utah

The mission of Special Olympics Utah is to provide year-round sports training and competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

Opportunities to Get Involved 

Volunteer the Day of the Event

Annually Special Olympics Utah holds roughly 5 Area competitions and a variety of fund/fun raising activities in the North Area. These events are supported by day-of volunteers who serve as timekeepers, scorekeepers, awards presenters, and more! Volunteering at these events is a fun opportunity to make a difference with your friends and support events in your community. State wide, roughly 25 Area events and 2 State-level competitions are held annually-- for those students who commute from outside Ogden, there may be a program in your home community. To volunteer, contact SOUT at volunteers@sout.org or visit us at www.sout.org for upcoming events.

Become a Coach

Coaches teach the skills and spirit that define a true athlete. Coaches are role models and character-builders. Special Olympics coaces go even furter -- they help athletes with interllectual disabilites find their own strengths

Join the Community Engaged Leaders Program

Special Olympics Utah is one of the organizations served under the WSU Community Engaged Leaders program. Community Engaged Leaders is a student-run community service program, and is part of WSUSA. It is comprised of a VP of Service, an Assistant Director, 4 Directors and 16 Chairs. These student leaders are responsible for promoting community service within the student body, and they make community service opportunities accessible to students. There are two Community Engaged Leaders Special Olympics Utah programs: Special Olympics Utah WSU Delegation, and Special Olympics Utah Winter Games/Area Management Team. These programs recruit student volunteers to work with people with intellectual disabilities and help support Special Olympics Utah’s events. Descriptions of the programs are given below. You can apply to become the chair for any of the service leadership positions, including one of the Special Olympics Utah chairs, during early spring semester. Becoming a chair or volunteering with Special Olympics Utah is a great way to meet new people and be social.

Special Olympics Utah WSU Delegation

WSU students sponsor and coach a group of dedicated and enthusiastic people with intellectual disabilities who compete in a wide range of sports. They compete at Special Olympics Utah events on both the regional (area) and state levels throughout the year. Learn more about the Community Engaged Leaders Special Olympics Utah WSU Delegation program at their website or by emailing the current chair: wsu.specialolympicsteam@gmail.com.

Special Olympics Utah Winter Games Organizing Committee/Area Management Team

WSU students on the Winter Games Organizing Committee/Area Management Team coordinate Special Olympics Utah’s Winter Games and assist with many North Area competitive events throughout the year. Students/Volunteers can choose to be involved year-round or for one event/season.

Weber State students are a valuable part of the Games Organizing Committee for Winter Games – serving as Venue Directors, Awards Coordinators, Meals Coordinators, Opening & Closing Ceremonies planning and more! During the Winter Games, over 200 people from WSU and the surrounding community volunteer their time. The volunteers not only assist with planning the event months in advance, but also serve as volunteers at Powder Mountain and North Fork Park during the event. Downhill skiing and snowboarding take place at Powder Mountain, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing take place in Eden, and the Closing Ceremony takes place on our campus.

Learn more about the Community Engaged Leaders Special Olympics Utah Teams program by visiting their webpage, or by emailing the current chair: wsu.sowintergames@gmail.com or contact BobbiJo Kanter with Special Olympics Utah at kanter@sout.org.

Get Started

You can get started volunteering with Special Olympics Utah several ways. If you know what you want to do:

Contact SOUT at volunteers@sout.org if you want to volunteer the day of the event.

Email the wsu.specialolympicsteam@gmail.com if you want to join the Community Engaged Leaders Special Olympics Utah WSU Delegation program.

Email wsu.sowintergames@gmail.com if you want to join the Community Engaged Leaders Special Olympics Utah Winter Games/Area Management Team program.

Contact BobbiJo Kanter at kanter@sout.org if you want to volunteer with the Games Organizing Committee.

If you do not know yet what you want to do, or if you want to learn more about volunteering with SOUT, you can visit their webpage Special Olympics Utah. To register as a volunteer and to watch SOUT’s Volunteer Training Video.

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