Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC)

Pioneer Adult Rehabilitation Center (PARC) is a Community Rehabilitation Program administered by the Davis County School District. PARC provides services to people with disabilities along the Wasatch Front based on individual needs and choices. What was once a small vocational program serving 12 students with disabilities at Monte Vista Elementary School in Farmington in 1973 has now grown to a 40,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility serving close to 500 clients annually. Employment is provided based upon availability and type of work. PARC helps individuals with career planning and evaluation, employment training, and placement.

PARC’s mission is to foster a safe environment of employment and training for persons with disabilities so theymay gain the skills required to function at the highest level of economic and social independence. PARC emphasizes the choice for the individual, choice of appropriate program with welcomed movement between programs, and choice of appropriate level of work through their four programs:

  • Career Planning & Evaluation – This program offers a variety of career assessment, planning and exploration services to individuals facing barriers to employment.
  • Employment of Choice – This is a day training program where people with disabilities are trained and employed on production projects through contracts with local businesses. 
  • Community Employment Services – This program helps individuals find jobs that match their capabilities and career goals, learn skills necessary to make them valuable and responsible employees, and form meaningful and supportive networks for coworkers and employers. 
  • Commercial and Government Contracts – PARC participates in AbilityOne Programs, the largest source of jobs for people who are blind or have other severe disabilities in the United States. These include Federal Government contracts at Hill Air Force Base, Tooele Army Depot, and the Deseret Chemical Army Depot.


How to Get Involved with PARC

Help at Events

Every fall, PARC hosts its annual PARC Pallet Grand Prix in Layton and a 5k race in Clearfield. These events’ primary purposes are to educate the public on the capabilities a person with disability has to offer their local community. Volunteers can support PARC with these events in the following areas: marketing the events, food service, and entering and/or volunteering at the races. This is a fun and easy way to do some service.

Train and Supervise PARC clients

PARC also use the extra hands or set of eyes from volunteers to help assist their clients with severe disabilities in their Clearfield facility. These supports can range from simple redirection / prompting of clients to stay on task, to teaching or developing for PARC’s clients’ basic life or job skill training modules (i.e. arts & crafts, basic math / reading, eye-hand coordination training modules, customer service training modules, etc). This can be a great opportunity for students in Health, Social Work, and Special Needs Education.

Develop computer programs or training for clients

A large majority of our clients face productivity challenges with their jobs (i.e. ergonomic issues, physicallimitations, work-flow efficiency, etc). Volunteers can support our agency by helping us redesign workflow, creating 'jigs', developing training modules, or anything else that may help the client become more independent with their job. This is a great assistive technology project for students in Computer Science, Information Systems and Technology, and Engineering. There are plenty of projects for individuals or groups who want to create meaningful, functional resources for PARC clients. See the recent project below for an example. Call the volunteer coordinator for current needs at PARC.

Engineering Project for PARC:

The Department of Engineering at Weber State University developed a system to record and document the paper products used at Hill Air Force. The janitorial contract at HAFB includes that PARC provide the paper goods necessary to supply the restrooms and break rooms.
The group of WSU senior students designed and built a mobile cabinet that contained a laptop computer, a mobile hand scanner and dock, and a stationary scanner and dock. Using these components and the designed software, PARC is able to account for goods coming in to the warehouse, going out on the truck, and delivered to the correct building at HAFB. A daily, weekly or monthly report can be printed and the accurate status of each item can be tracked.
The students that completed this project were thorough, accurate, and very professional in their approach to solving the problem and PARC looks forward to working with any group of similar students.

Join the Community Engaged Leaders Program

PARC is one of the organizations served under the WSU Community Engaged Leaders program. The Community Engaged Leaders PARC program recruits student volunteers to enhance the experience of the individuals it serves. Community Engaged Leaders is a student-run community service program, and is part of WSUSA. It is comprised of a VP of Service, an Assistant Director, 4 Directors and 16 Chairs. These student leaders are responsible for promoting community service within the student body, and they make community service opportunities accessible to students. You can apply to become the chair for any of the service leadership positions, including PARC chair, during early spring semester. Becoming a chair or volunteering with PARC is a great way to meet new people and make a difference. Learn more about the Community Engaged Leaders PARC program.

Get Started

It is the intent of our volunteer program that you will receive as much as you give. You may gain valuable skills and experience as well as an increased understanding of yourself, your community, and people with disabilities.

To get involved, contact our HR Director at (801) 402-0950 for current positions and to fill out an application.


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