Community Engagement During COVID-19

Requirements For Spring 2022

Everyone Who Engages With The Community Face-to-face Must:

  1. Complete and sign the CCEL Participant Waiver.

The following applies for clinical practicums, skills labs, internships, and other practical application experiences for Spring 2022

Students May Participate In These Experiences If The Following Are Followed:

  1. The student must sign the Attestation Form acknowledging that they understand and accept the circumstances and risks, have been given the option not to participate, that they have completed appropriate training by the university and/or facility, and will comply with all other pertinent requirements.

  2. The school and student must be prepared that if the university moves to a higher risk level than at the beginning of the experience, if there is an exposure in their area, or there is another safety concern, the program will either be able to move online or stop the experience. Contingency plans should be made in advance.

  3. Students must provide their own transportation to/from off-campus sites. Students should follow COVID-19 social distancing and other protocols in their travels consistent with WSU protocols.

  4. The department must approve that the external partner has mitigation protocols that comply with CDC Guidelines. 

  5. Find information and guidance regarding reporting of suspected COVID cases through WSU.