Utah Campus Compact 2015

Committed Community Partner - Jennifer Morrell-Weber County Elections

"Our partnership with the students and faculty of Weber State University has been invaluable to the success of our organization in providing the residents of Weber County with fair, open, and honest elections. "
Jennifer Morrell, and the Weber County Office of Elections, has for five years helped the Political Science Department place over 50 students as poll workers, and she has secured full time employment for several WSU student workers. Students have helped organize elections, register voters, and serve as poll workers on election days, both local and national, in 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Community Engaged Alum- Pamela Carlene Nelson 

"Engaging in service to the community is pretty much my life and my passion. Weber State University strives to make our community a better place through education, encouragement, and example. As an alumnus, I am glad to help promote this in any way I can."

Pam Nelson has volunteered at the Ogden Nature Center and the Family History Center for many years. When she found out she no longer was able to work she decided to keep herself busy by bettering the community. She always has a cheerful attitude and is constantly recruiting and inspiring others to serve their community.  Pam truly is an inspiration when it comes to community engagement!

Committed Engaged Faculty Member - James Zagrondnik 

"Being a product of the educational system from the perspective of an individual with a learning disability, I have always thought “there has to be a better way”.  With this motto, I strive to find better ways to reach individuals with disabilities become as independent as possible."

Dr. Zagrodnik has been instrumental in creating and leading CAPES! (Children’s Adaptive Physical Education Society), a community-focused skill development initiative for children ages 5-12 with developmental disabilities (e.g. Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, etc.) and their families. WSU students in PEP 3660-Physical Education for Students with Disabilities, and EDUC 2010-Human Exceptionality, participate in practicum experiences designed to enhance their knowledge, understanding, and application of various teaching and learning theories in relation to individuals with disabilities. In a safe and fun environment, each child performs a variety of land and aquatic based skills specific to each child to help him or her reach optimal independence. This program has gained local and state-wide acclaim, and continues to grow in popularity with each semester.

Community Engaged Staff Member -Mike Moon

"I teach students the words of Russell Taylor that are so applicable to college years when so many of their thoughts are self-serving; “service opens windows in your life, rather than just mirrors that only reflect yourself.” I try my best to allow students reflective space to understand that successful service is more than just a project or event. Meaningful service is a way of life."

Through his time at Weber State, Mike Moon has influenced countless numbers of students to become involved in the community through leadership positions with Weber State University's service branch of student government. Not only is he an excellent student mentor and motivator, but he has done a lot for community engagement at this university as well. Almost single handedly he pulled off the CCEL's first ever international service trip to Peru, and is now coordinating an effort to take student so Thailand for service there. Mike is an individual who whole heartedly cares for the well being of students and their involvement in community based programs. 

Community Engaged Student - Kim Harbath

"About seven years ago, for my life word, I chose “Intention”. Through striving to live and work with intention, I incorporated it into my personal mission statement of “Wake up to a new day and fill it with Intention” and I have found that my life dream of giving back to the community I live in has come true."

Kim (Paula) is engaged in her community because she cares about her community. She has an incredibly strong work ethic, brings diverse people together and encourages learning. Kim has coordinated meals for youth frequently, and engages numerous community members and groups. She is simply awesome.