Utah Campus Compact 2008

Service-Learning Engaged Scholar - Victoria Ramirez, Professor English

A native New Yorker, Vicki Ramirez joined Weber's English Department in 1999.  By 2001 she was attending Campus Compact conferences and workshops, and in 2002 began implementing limited service projects in her composition courses.  In 2005 she offered writing classes based entirely on poverty in America, and specifically, in northern Utah.  Ramirez chose as course text David Shipler's The Working Poor, and wrote a workbook to accompany it.  though she has received grants and presented scholarly research on service-learning, Ramirez is proudest of her students having performed over 6000 hours of community service.

Civically Engaged Student - Billy Rutter

Billy Rutter is a senior at WSU and is currently preparing for medical school.  The leadership he has provided for the WSU chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been remarkable.  His work with Habitat has not only exceeded all expetations but has brought awareness to the issue of homeless for our community.  His membership in the AmeriCorps program has also demonstrated sincere commitment to service the community.  Additionally, he has mentored junior high and elementary school students, been involved in several community-based projects, prepared supplies to be shipped to third world countries, worked with the elderly, and organized blood drives.

Committed Community Partner - Karen Thurber

Karen Thurber's breadth and depth of commitment connecting WSU to Ogden City has been remarkable over the last seven years.  Her knowledge of Ogden's community organization and their needs has helped facilitate the civie engagement of over 30 projects.  Additionally, she has been the Manager of Services for Homeless Families at your Community Connection, Development Director of Ogden Weber Applied Technology College, and Senior Project Coordinator for Ogden City Community and Economic Development where she managed the 10 year Enterprise Community Initiative, School to Work Program, Operation Weed and Seed, HUD Consolidated Planning Process, Fair Housing and Sustainable Ogden Initiative.