Utah Campus Compact 2007

Service-Learning Engaged Scholar - Sharon Brady, Assoc Professor, Nursing

Sharon Brady MSN, RN has practiced nursing for 36 years with an emphasis in pediatrics and community health. Since coming to WSU 12 years ago, she has specialized in transcultural nursing, having received a Peery Fellowship from the nursing program to take postgraduate courses on the subject at the University of Northern colorado.  Her academic travels have taken her to the Ukraine, Ghana in Africa, and China. Besides Ecuador this past summer, she has taken study-abroad students to Guatemala twice. Teaching students how to provide culturally congruent health care through service-learning in foreign countries is her passion. She speaks Spanish, having lived in Venezuela, S.A. for one year. This past Fall Semester, she returned to Ecuador during sabbatical in order to further her Spanish-speaking skills through immersion. While there, through service-learning, she expanded her knowledge regarding South American health care delivery systems both indigenous and conventional. 

Civically Engaged Student - Samantha Hansen, Shellie Pace, Lori Lundell, Ron Partridge

These four students were able to address the issue of proper child and adolescent development in underprivileged youth in our community. Often underprivileged children are not able to compete with other children in their communities for jobs, education, and other basic needs. This lack of success can be in part attributed to the fact that they are not able to learn and develop social skills in the same way as other children do, due to a lack of dual parent families, parental supervision, appropriate role models, and opportunities for practice. 

We were able to organize, implement, and study a social skills curriculum that helped these underprivileged children gain these necessary skills so they will be able to use them within their community and increase their own success.

Brief Bios

Lori is a native of North Ogden and the oldest of three children. She is a first generation college student that enjoys learning through research. She will graduate with her BS in the spring of 2008 at which time she will continue her education in graduate school where she wants to study gender and family relationships and construction. 

Shelly is a Junior at Weber State University and although this is her first year she is already an active member in Active Minds, the Sociology Club, Americorp, and a volunteer at Youth Impact. She is pursuing a degree in psychology and is already involved in several of her own research projects.

Samantha is a native of Ogden, Utah, and is currently attending Weber State University, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Zoology and Anthropology. She is involved in many organizations, both on and off campus, that promote service and involvement throughout her community, including Americorp, Sociology Club, AKD, and the Hope Alliance to name a few.

Ron is originally from Washington D.C. and is the third of four children. He is married with a 2 year-old daughter. He plans on graduating with his BS in Psychology and Sociology in the spring of 2008 and he plans on attending graduate school where he will study Psychology & Law. 

Committed Community Partner - Marsha Prantil

Marsha Prantil is currently Program Specialist for the Ogden-Weber After School Programs.  She is employed by Ogden City Schools.  She administrates 9 programs during the school year and five summer programs service over 1000 students a year.  The out of school time programs serves elementary middle school and junior high school students.

Marsha has developed and expanded learning opportunities for children, youth, and families in our community.  The Ogden-Weber After School Programs have involved the community and have many community partners.  This opportunity has filled a gap of services while greatly enhancing the quality of life for children.