Known Issues

CatTracks is still a brand-new program with a few bugs to work out. The following are a few to be aware of, organized by the date the issue was made known to us. Please be patient with us as we work to iron things out.
  • 9/28/09 Only five catalogs have been scribed into CatTracks (i.e. 2005-2006 to Present). If your student is in the a catalog year previous to the 2005-2006 catalog year please use the CAPP (the old system). 

  • 9/28/09 The information in the Graduation Comments and Logs has not been migrated into CatTracks. User who have put notes in this screen will have to manually migrate these notes into CatTracks. 

  • 9/28/09 Be aware that CatTracks is looking for the best fit for SI and PS/LS courses. It may appear that courses may be slotting incorrectly but, in the end CatTracks will slot the courses properly. If you feel there is an error the "apply here" exception may be used to slot courses. 

  • 9/28/09 When doing exceptions please do not use any special characters (i.e. &)  in the description. This will cause an XML error and will lock the student's degree evaluation. If this has happen please contact Casey Bullock to have the problem resolved.