R.E.A.L. Projects for Students



What are R.E.A.L. Projects?

Real Experience Applied Learning

R.E.A.L. Projects consist of interdisciplinary student teams working on a semester length project submitted by companies and organizations interested in working with WSU students.

R.E.A.L. Projects are 3 credit hour classes, which allows students to remain on campus, while working for companies that could be located anywhere in the U.S. or around the world. Student will meet in class for half the semester, but mostly will work outside of class with a team to get the project done (7-9 hours a week), making this experience literally an internship on campus.

Types of Projects:

The type of work students will be doing depends on the company sponsoring the project and what their needs are. A list of projects will be emailed to students after they register. The email will have the company name and a summary of the project. Students will be able to rank the projects according to their preference. R.E.A.L. Projects faculty will assign you to a project and a team. Students won't always get their most preferred project, but faculty will do their best to accomodate requests.

Possible Projects Categories:

  • Incorporate best practices
  • Analyze new market opportunities
  • Evaluate organizational effectiveness or change
  • Deliver supply chain resource recommendations
  • Marketing plans, marketing research
  • Consumer or competitive analysis
  • Feasibility, economic and benchmark studies
  • New programming creation


  • Click here to apply

Benefits of Participating in R.E.A.L. Projects:

  • Explore career options
  • Build up your resume
  • Apply classroom learning
  • Prepare for graduate school
  • Network
  • Gain valuable skills 


  • Register for HNRS 4920 for 3 credits (you do not need to be an honors student to register)
  • Fill out this application and submit your resume
  • Attend all scheduled classes
  • Meet with your team regularly (at least once a week)
  • Coordinate with the company sponsor regularly (at least once a week)
  • Complete team evaluations and other course assignments
  • Be professional in communication and presentation and be dependable

This project will require that students work together as a team with other students of differing skill sets in an effort to produce results and deliverables for the company sponsoring your projects. You will be asked to do things you may not have done before, which will require skills you may not have... yet.