Choosing a Major

Assessment Testing

To save you time, we have created a new process for students who are trying to decide on a major or career path and are interested in taking a career interest assessment. The first step is online and you can take it today. To start the process, please visit

Informational Counseling

For the student who has a good idea of the field that they would like to go into but needs some help deciding on specifics, we suggest making a career counseling appointment at our office. We have counselors over every college on campus who are experts on the careers available in their field and the education requirements for those careers.

After you decide on a career field and major, we'll direct you to an academic advisor to plan out a specific class schedule to meet your degree requirements.

List of Career Counselors

CAREER EXPLORATION CLASS (Univ 2900; online and face-to-face sections available)

Topics Covered:

Exploration and Awareness

Explore your interests, abilities, values, and personality style using several popular career assessment instruments.


Learn how to research potential occupations using the WSU Career Library, the internet, and helpful resources. Learn what's available in the private and public sector, and create an inventory of career strengths and interests.

Planning and Goal Setting

Create a personal career plan, and set your goals for the future by pulling together what you know about yourself and the world of work. Develop decision-making skills and make decisions on personal career preferences. Accomplish your goals for the future and learn what it takes to reach that goal.

Preparation and Information Gathering

Learn how to prepare yourself now for success in tomorrow's job market. Become experienced in data gathering, labor market information, education selection, and accessing work environments.

Review, Adjustment, and Transition

Get the "big picture" of how the career decisions you're making now will continue to influence you throughout your life. Unlock your potential and become self motivated; make the decision for your future career and learn the strategies and tactics of obtaining your desired position.


Learn strategies for finding employment, preparing an effective resume and cover letter, and interviewing successfully for a job.

How to Register

Log into your eWeber portal and follow these steps:

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  3. Select the term for which you want to register
  4. Click the Submit button
  5. Enter the five-digit course number (CRN) of the class for which you'd like to register (see schedule to right)
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That's it! You'll see UNIV 2900 on your schedule. If you need additional help registering for classes, please contact the Registrar's Solution Center at 801-626-6100.