AHA! Arts & Humanities Advisory Council

The Weber State University AHA! Board is an advisory council comprised of community members who collaborate and share ideas on how to improve and enhance the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities.

The board is focused on the following key areas:
  • Help Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities achieve its goals;
  • Improve educational opportunities for students;
  • Enhance faculty productivity in teaching, research, and service;
  • Explore ways to engage successfully with the public to bring the gift of arts and humanities to a greater number of people in Ogden, Northern Utah, and the region.

For more information or if you are interested in serving on AHA! please contact, Scott Sprenger, Dean of the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities (scottsprenger@weber.edu) or Development Director, Yulia Goff (yuliagoff@weber.edu).

Why I Serve on the AHA! Board

  • I enjoy serving on the AHA! Board because I believe in the importance of the Arts & Humanities and the power their graduates have in shaping the future of the world. Technology and business, without the creative thinkers and innovators, would be stifled. There is a reason why dictators who take over a nation will immediately destroy all their arts, music, dance and literature. It is the thread that weaves a culture together and gives it meaning, expression and joy. Anything that I can do to make the Arts & Humanities program thrive at Weber State University is an honor and I feel privileged to be able to serve." [Charlene Nelson]

AHA! Board



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Weber State University
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