Message from Scott Sprenger, Dean

Welcome to the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts and Humanities at Weber State University ! Each year, hundreds of students are drawn to the Lindquist College because of our inspiring and devoted professors, small class sizes, professional quality facilities, and the exciting, mind-expanding disciplines we teach and that form the traditional core of a liberal arts education: English, Visual Art & Design, Foreign Language and Literatures, Performing Arts and Communication. In addition, we offer a Master of Professional Communication and a Masters of Arts in English

Guided by expert teacher scholars, students are enthusiastically encouraged to follow their interests and passions while learning to perform, design, create, analyze, think, debate, speak, and write at the highest levels. Students are taught to analyze and reflect on the human condition from a variety of disciplinary perspectives while they investigate the vast archive of human expression, both past and present, and from cultures from around the globe. Above all, students learn what it means to live fully engaged lives, to rise creatively and with determination to the major challenges of our time, and to bring meaningful change both to their own lives and to their local communities.

We in the Lindquist College believe in teaching to the whole person, not only for personal or developmental reasons, but for career reasons. We encourage students thus to “think beyond the major” and to take full advantage of General Education courses and electives in order to develop cross-disciplinary ways of thinking and problem-solving. We know from alumni and from market research that a combination of knowledge, skills and professionalizing experiences is now required by employers and is the key to a long and rewarding career (see evidence here:

And fortunately for our students, Lindquist College professors have led out on major initiatives to make these unique combinations available, including dual degrees in Spanish and Business, programs in visual culture and design, film and digital media, a vast internship program in the Department of Communication, coursework in music and sound production, a Professional & Technical Writing degree in English, the many international opportunities available in Study Abroad, and community or service-learning projects available via the Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)

After graduation, our former students not only flourish in their careers and lead lives of fulfillment, but in retrospect they realize the advantage that their education in the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities gave them. Their education opens many doors for them, with numerous students continuing to top-level graduate and professionals schools or straight into careers -- even in business or technical fields that seem unrelated to their original fields of study. This advantage, they say, comes from their ability to cope with ambiguity, to think creatively and from different perspectives, to speak and write persuasively, to think and speak across national, cultural and linguistic divides, and to lead and take initiative while others are content to follow.

To those students who have declared a major in our college: welcome! We congratulate you on making the right choice! To those considering the arts and humanities, I would highly encourage you not to settle for a "job" but to follow your passion while preparing yourself for a fulfilling career.

If you would like to learn more about the arts and humanities and where they can lead, please visit our five departmental websites, visit our advising office or come see me--my door is always open.


Scott Sprenger