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Telitha E. Lindquist
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Telitha E. Lindquist was kind, compassionate, and ALWAYS the last to take credit for her accomplishments and dedication to the community. It is, perhaps, through her love of the arts and her willingness to give of her time and wealth to support the production and dissemination of all art forms—performing, visual, literary and creative arts—that she has established her greatest legacy.

She was especially instrumental in the founding, growth, and stability of the Ogden Symphony/ Ballet Association and was also named an honorary member. She also served on the Board of Utah Musical Theatre — part of the university/community partnership in downtown Ogden — and supported and guided the organization as an honorary member.

Telitha's involvement was rooted in a true love of the arts. She attended virtually everything — from Utah Symphony concerts to art exhibits by Weber State University faculty to student performances. She believed that the best support is to show up. And to both seasoned professional and budding artists, there is no greater praise.

 “My husband and I believed strongly that creative opportunities are every bit as important a part of higher education as scientific research or business experiences.”

The Lindquist family demonstrated its commitment to that belief by endowing the Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities and by establishing the John A. and Telitha E. Lindquist Endowment for Creative and Artistic Endeavors in 2000.

Telitha E. Lindquist gave generously of her time, energy, and presence. She nurtured young students and the faculty who teach and mentor them. Tita Lindquist enriched our community, our campus and our state.


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