Graduate Programs

The Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities offers two masters programs. The Master of Professional Communication emphasizes advanced communication knowledge and skills necessary to produce effective leaders, managers and team members in for-profit, government or non-profit organizations. The Master of Arts in English program offers graduate students and working adults advanced preparation in the study of literature, language, creative writing and English education. Both programs offer classes in the evening and in the summer to fit your busy schedule. 

What will I learn in the Master of Professional Communication's program?

As a student in the Master of Professional Communication’s program, you will receive instruction in team building and facilitation, organizational leadership, strategic communication, and communication research. You will also continue to develop your proficiency in professional writing, presenting, and communicating using new media. For more information, please visit Master of Professional Communication.

What will I learn in the Master of Arts in English program?

The Master of Arts in English program curriculum consists of classes in American, British and world literature, creative writing, linguistics, English as a Second Language and English education. While in the program you will read and discuss literature at a sophisticated level, learn about and apply foundational and current scholarly criticism, develop an understanding of theoretical perspectives, conduct research on literary topics, read in-depth in areas of personal interest and develop critical thinking, research, creative and persuasive skills. For more information, please visit Master of Arts in English