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  • What is the Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities mission statement?

    The Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities teaches students to excel as they seek, understand, questions and express complexities critical to the experience of being human as represented in languages, literature, communication, and visual and performing arts.
  • How many semester credit hours may adjuncts teach over the course of a year?

    As of January 1, 2014, Adjuncts can teach a total of 11 hours per semester. This includes 11 hours in fall and spring semesters. Please note, a decision has not yet been made as it pertains to the total number of hours in summer term. Please check back on this site for updated information. At this time, an adjunct can teach a total of 22 hours per calendar year in order to ensure Weber State University is in compliance with federal laws.
  • How are adjuncts' teaching schedules determined?

    Adjunct teaching schedules are determined by departmental need, student interest and student availability for particular courses at designated times. Each semester the schedule is reviewed and adjunct input is greatly valued and appreciated. If you have suggestions about the course schedule, please share your input with the departmental chair.
  • Can adjuncts teach beyond entry-level 1010 courses?

    Yes, adjuncts in some instances teach courses numbered above 1000s. This determination is however based on the skills, background, education and experience of adjuncts and is at the discretion of the departmental chair.
  • What information is required for adjuncts to include on their syllabi?                                                                                                         The information required by the university to include on your syllabus can be found at

Sample syllabi from each of our college’s departments can be found below:

COMM 2110

ENGL 2220
ENGL 3730/MENG 5730
MENG 6260

Foreign Language:
SPAN 1010
SPAN 3570
SPAN 4740

Performing Arts:
MUSIC 4822

Visual Arts:
ART 3600/4600
ART 4110

Please check with your department for additional information that should also be included.


  • What opportunities (travel/research funding; enrolling in classes; etc.) are available to adjuncts?
    • Enrollment in Classes:

      In order for adjunct employees to receive the tuition benefit, they must be the primary instructor of their course and there must be students enrolled in the class they are teaching.

      It is a one-to-one benefit up to six credit hours (i.e., if you teach 3 credit hours you receive 3 credit hours of tuition benefit).

      Benefit is only available for the employee and during the semester in which they are teaching.

      To activate the benefit, adjuncts must wait until the third week of the semester to verify student enrollment in the course they are teaching and verify online via the Tuition Activator on the eWeber portal.
    • Training Tracker:

      Adjunct faculty are invited and encouraged to sign-up for training sessions of interest. There is no limit on the total number of training sessions one can complete. In order to sign-up, please visit ‘Training Tracker’ on your eWeber portal under the faculty tab.
    • Eligibility for EdPass:

      Adjunct and part-time faculty are not eligible for the EdPass.
  • Are there "orientation" opportunities available to adjuncts?

    Yes, the Teaching and Learning Forum offers retreats, book groups, workshops, collaborative projects, and other initiatives in support of adjunct faculty development.  The teaching and learning forum’s offices are located in the Stewart Library, room 57.
  • What different options are available with respect to student evaluations of adjuncts?

    Each adjunct will receive direction from the chair of their department as to the policies and procedures for administering student evaluations. Please note, it is university policy that all adjuncts make students aware of the option to evaluate adjunct performance. Evaluations typically take place online at the conclusion of each semester, the week prior to the end of classes.
  • Can adjuncts schedule peer observations of their teaching?

    Yes, adjunct faculty can request and schedule peer observations of their teaching. However, please note this is at the discretion and availability of the departmental chair. Adjuncts are encouraged to teach for at least one full semester before making a formal request.
  • Join the Adjunct Faculty Action Network (AFAN) on Google Plus to connect with other adjuncts and stay up to date on issues facing adjuncts
  • Directory of Adjunct faculty  
  • Adjunct/Part-Time openings
  • Additional/helpful links provided by Teaching and Learning Forum
  • How to integrate video or graphics into course materials – access to library of content, tutorials and web presentations
  • Adjunct Faculty retreat information

For a full calendar of events or to purchase tickets, please visit: cahcalendar

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