Refund Policy for Students Receiving Tuition Assistance from Military

Weber State University's tuition refund policies are designed to comply with DoDI 1322.25 requirements.

Returning Unearned Tuition Assistance funds to Government

Without regard to the University's refund schedule (See refund schedule), Military Tuition Assistance is awarded to a student under the assumption the student will attend school for the entire semester for which the assistance is awarded.  Weber State has a policy that returns any unearned tuition assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were awarded.  TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending.  Instances when a Service member stops attending due to a military service obligation, Weber State will work with the affected Service member to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.

Weber State University's schedule for return of Unearned TA funds to the Government.

Weber State’s tuition return policy for full semester registration is a 100% refund through the first seven days of the semester, 90% refund for days 8-14, 80% refund for days 15-21.  After 21 days, and through the 60% course completion dates, there is a 75% refund of TA funds.  There will be no refund past the 60% course completion date.  Invoicing and refunds to the government begin after the first 21 days of the semester.  Additionally, military students file a financial petition to have all tuition and fee obligations waived due to a military service obligation, regardless of the drop date.