Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts

We provide an environment for faculty and students to excel in the performing arts.

The Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts is home to Weber State University Department of Performing Arts and serves as a cultural hub of northern Utah. Each year, our facility hosts over 200 events and welcomes nearly 70,000 patrons annually.

Three performance venues are available to rent: Austad Auditorium, Allred Theater, and Eccles Theater: a black box. 

Upcoming Events

Tickets for upcoming events can be purchased online or at the Dee Events Center ticketing office.

Date Time Event Venue
January 26 7:30pm Onstage Ogden: Utah Symphony Carmina Burana Austad
January 26 & 27 7:30pm Browning Presents: American Moor: by Keith Hamilton Cobb Eccles
January 28 4:30pm WSU Honor Band Austad
February 2 7:30pm Onstage Ogden: The Peking Acrobats feat. The Changhai Circus Austad
February 9 7:30pm Onstage Ogden: Storm Large with Utah Symphony Austad
February 11 7:30pm WSU Jazz Festival Austad
February 15 7:30pm WSU Music: Winter ChoirFest Austad
February 17-*18



WSU Dance Team Concert Austad
February 24 6:00-8:00pm The Lab Open House Room 322
February 24 7:30pm WSU Symphonic Band Austad
February 24 - 25 7:30pm WSU Theater - Matchstick Girl Allred
February 27 TBD WSU Storytelling Festival Austad
March 1 - *4



WSU Theater - Matchstick Girl Allred
March 2 7:30pm Onstage Ogden: Dvoƙák’s Symphony No. 5 Austad
March 14 TBD Weber District Choral Festival Austad
March 15 7:30pm WSU Faculty Recital Allred
March 16 7:30pm

Onstage Ogden: FLY Dance Company: Breakin’ Classical



Tickets for all shows can be purchased online.

For all show details and summaries please visit the Arts Calendar.

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