Writing Style in Print

Weber State University prides itself on providing open access to a quality education. We are a welcoming institution, and our communication should reflect that.

For official communications, WSU follows:


Tips for Effective Print Communication

University printed materials can include brochures, fliers, recruitment pieces and more.


  1. Know your audience. We have many: high school students, parents, alumni, donors, working professionals…and they each may respond best to a different writing approach, tone or word choice.
  2. Avoid jargon. Universities have a lot of internal terms that an outside audience may not understand. Try to be as simple and direct as possible; if you must use terms that you didn’t understand before you became familiar with higher education, explain them.
  3. Be consistent and professional. Each print piece WSU produces helps reinforce the university’s image. Edit carefully to avoid errors and typos. And remember: “professional” does not mean “boring.” We want to engage our audiences—if your piece is a suitable place to use humor or be a little off-beat, go for it!