The Botany and support courses needed for a major or minor/BIS in Botany are given in the Requirements section of this Handbook.  You can use CatTracks to plan your program of study and monitor your progress toward degree completion.

You can go to the WSU catalog site to access the catalog for your year.  You have six years from your catalog year to complete your program of study.

You can declare your major or minor in Botany by coming to the department office in Science Lab 402M.  We strongly encourage you meet with the Botany Department chair when you enter a program of study in Botany.  At this initial meeting, your degree progress will be checked, you'll be given a suggested timetable for taking future courses, and you will be assigned to an advisor.  You should check the list of faculty prior to this meeting to see which faculty member most closely matches your interests in Botany.

When you have completed or are near completion of your Botany course work, you need to be cleared for graduation.  At this time, you need to meet with the Botany Department. Be sure to bring a copy of your degree evaluation.  Once you have had this meeting, you still need to apply for graduation.  

You can find additional advisement information at the Student Success Center (formerly Academic Advisement Center).