Bachelor of Science Overview

Weber State University offers one of the country’s only automotive programs where you can be actively recruited by most of the world’s major automobile manufactures. Our bachelor’s degree graduates are well known in the automotive industry and leave school with sales, marketing, management and advanced technical positions.

Bachelor’s Degree Options

Our Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology builds on the knowledge you gained earning your associate’s degree. You will leave with a mix of technical competency and strong interpersonal skills. You will have the ability to communicate effectively, solve problems, work in teams and understand the need for continued professional development.

field service operations

Field Service Operations

Prepares you for a career in automotive management, technical sales, customer service and a variety of other automotive industries. If you are a people person and have a strong background in automotive diagnosis and repair from your associate’s degree and work experience, this emphasis is for you.

Field Service Operations Details

Advanced Vehicles Systems

Advanced Vehicle Systems

Prepares you for a career working with the latest advanced vehicle systems and technology. If you have a strong background in automotive diagnosis and repair from your associate’s degree and work experience; computer, math and science skills; communication skills and the ability to work in a team, this emphasis is for you.

Advanced Vehicle Systems Details


Both degree paths require:

  • 19 credit hours of general education core requirements
  • 22 credit hours of Automotive Technology core requirements
  • 21 credit hours specific to each emphasis

While earning your bachelor’s degree at WSU, you can double major in Field Service Operations and Advanced Vehicle Systems. We have also established a partnership with the Professional Sales Department to offer you a double major or minor in professional sales.

Double Major and Minor Requirements 

Note: You have 6 years to graduate using requirements outlined in your starting year’s catalog. If you need more than 6 years, a newer catalog must be used to determine graduation requirements.



You must provide evidence of completion of an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) in automotive service technology or a related degree from an accredited college or university prior to entering upper-division curriculum.

WSU offers 3 associate’s degree programs:

If you have completed one of these programs, you will be admitted as a junior and can complete your bachelor’s degree within 2 years.

Credits from Universal Technical Institute (UTI), Wyotech and similar institutions are not college-level courses and do not transfer into the WSU Auto Tech program: Transfer Guide

Challenge examination credit and experiential credit can be offered with ASE certifications and at least 5 years of industry experience.

Check with your institution to determine if classes are transferrable to WSU. If your institution’s credits are transferable to the nearest state university, they will likely transfer to WSU as well.

All transfer classes must have a letter grade assigned to each class or they will not transfer.

behavioral expectations


Behavioral Expectations

Your work ethic and work habits can help you find employment upon graduation.

Potential employers recruit directly from our programs. If you read your syllabi, ask questions when you don’t understand an assignment or concept, arrive on time to class, turn in homework by the due date and are organized and motivated, you’re more likely to get the best hiring recommendations from our faculty.

Our National Advisory Committee lists these attributes of a successful employee:

  • Integrity—behaves with honor and dignity, does the right thing
  • Reliability—sticks with it to get the job done
  • Trustworthy and honest—holds self and others to highest standards
  • Passion for excellence initiative—thinks outside the box
  • Innovation and technical excellence—discovers better ideas and applies expertise
  • Commitment to quality—applies a 6-sigma mindset
  • Courage—fights to turn dreams into realities
  • Community commitment—acts to enhance the community

Successful graduates/employees also:

  • Are willing to travel as part of the job
  • Are willing to relocate as part of the job
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Have a good driving record
  • Pass a background check and a drug test

Online Classes

online classes

IMPORTANT: If you live more than 50 miles from WSU, some instructors of general education classes and online support classes may require you to take exams under the supervision of a proctor at a location close to you (like a public library or other school).

Find a Proctor Near You

Online classes are available for many of your required courses. See your specific emphasis area requirements for online class availability.  

If you are an “online-only student,” you can receive a reduced tuition rate that is the same tuition rate as in-state tuition regardless of your state or country. To receive the reduced online-only tuition rate, call 801-626-6600 and ask for the “non-resident online student tuition rate.”

You will do well in automotive online courses if you:

  • Have a strong automotive background from your associate’s degree and/or work experience
  • Are computer literate, including email, typing, Internet navigation, Microsoft Office Professional (Access, Excel, Work, PowerPoint)
  • Are self-motivated to do your reading, assignments and quizzes
  • Are self-disciplined enough to stick with the schedule of assignments and quizzes
  • Email or contact the instructor when you need help or have a question
  • Have a high-speed DSL or cable internet connection; many photographs, videos and graphics will be viewed in our courses
NOTICE: Online classes may not be for you. Every online course has one obvious drawback: no face-to-face interaction with your professor.


We highly recommend you meet/communicate at least once annually with our bachelor’s degree program coordinator for course and program advisement.

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Grade Requirements

A minimum grade of C in courses required for this major, along with an overall grade point average of 2.0 or higher, is required for graduation.

You’re more likely to attract employers with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Credit Hour Requirements

A minimum of 125–127 credit hours is required, depending on your emphasis and what courses were taken as part of your associate’s degree. A minimum of 40 upper-division credit hours is required (courses numbered 3000 and above).