Forms and Insurance

Student Forms

Clinical Site Orientation Form -This form should be completed during the first week of each new rotation   
General Medical Evaluation - This form should be completed by your General Medical Preceptor upon completion of your rotation.   Updated January 2016   MSAT Version      BSAT Version 
Rotation Evaluations -  Please use this link to fill out the end of rotation evaluation.
Monthly Hours Log - Use this sheet if you need an extra monthly hours log
Service Hours Log - Use this sheet to log service hours


Prior to completing any McKay-Dee Hospital or any other IHC Rotation, please complete and submit the following forms to the Clinical Education Coordinator.  
To complete :
  1.)  Go to:
 2.) Find the section titled Clinical Student (Adult)
 3.) Download Student Manual AND Adult Clinical Student Packet
 4.) Complete Student Packet and Quiz
 5.) Turn in completed Student Packet to Collin Herb

     Username: Weber Email
     For password contact your Program Director (Matt Donahue or Valerie Herzog)

Clinical and Service Hours During Breaks

Students may complete clinical and service hours over the summer and winter breaks. HOWEVER, students must purchase their own personal liability insurance. These hours count towards the next semester hours and students can earn up to 1/3 of the hours required in the next semester during the breaks.  Students may earn ALL of their service hours over the summer/winter breaks and these will also count towards the next semester requirements.
If you plan to do any clinical or service hours over either summer or winter break, you need to contact the Clinical Education Coordinator, Collin Herb
 to ensure that:
1.  The location where you plan to do your hours is appropriate
2.  You have liability insurance on file (if you don't, instructions on how to purchase your own policy is below.)
You MUST give a hard copy to the Clinical Education Coordinator prior to beginning these hours.


Liability Insurance

To purchase a policy: 
Go to:
1.) Under the Professional Liability Insurance Tab, click on Individual
2.) Choose Utah for the state and then Athletic Trainer under profession
3.) Click on the second bubble to "Find your annual premium rate" and click on Next
4.) Double-check that #1 says Utah, #2 says Athletic Trainer
5.) Under #3, choose Student and then click on Continue
Your annual premium will be approximately $37.  After the break is over, you can cancel your policy and receive a pro-rated refund.  Or, you can hang onto the policy in case you decide to complete clinical hours over another break.  You will need to pay online with a credit card or print the form and mail it in with a check.