Past Program Reviews

 Date of Review
 Program  Recommendations Next Review
1990 - 1991
1990-91 Electronic Engineering Technology Acceptable
Seek funding from the State of Utah
Class objectives should be provided to the instructor
Determine the future of night school
Recommendation to students about the type of equipment they will need
Evaluate the authority the degree carries for job placement


(ABET 1992-93 and 1998-99)

1990-91 Manufacturing Engineering Technology Commendable
Initiate program review by industry annually
Continue work with industries during summer and sabbatical leaves
Devise a plan for upgrading graphics software
Add faculty with industrial engineering experience
Place greater emphasis on career placement


(ABET 1992-93 and 1998-99)

1990-91 Mechanical Engineering Technology Acceptable
Strengthen the staff and course content in the materials and lab areas
Emphasize teamwork, planning, and local industrial technologies in senior projects
Add and strengthen course work in Statistical Process Control, Business Communication, others


(ABET 1992-93 and 1998-99)

1990-91 Communication Commendable
A PR faculty is needed
Help find a solution to building and classroom concerns
Encourage faculty to attend professional meetings
Discipline related journals need up-dated in library
Curriculum issues should be evaluated
1990-91 English Outstanding
No recommendations stated
1990-91 English as a Second Language Program should continue
Space should be reallocated in the Social Science Building
ESL program increase personnel
Faculty Senate/administration support three options for ESL faculty
Reexamine the funding process for ESL program
1990-91 Foreign Languages Acceptable
Provide professional development for faculty
Reduce class size
Add afternoon courses
Experiment with computer-aided instruction
Evaluate existing programs and consider expanding them
1990-91 Mathematics Acceptable
Organize activities for faculty to do research
Do not rely on STAARS system to solve placement problems
Use tenure track faculty to teach remedial math classes
Eliminate fundamentals of geometry
Add a math course to the elementary teachers sequence
Limit class size to 40-45 students
Continue to incorporate computers into curriculum
1990-91 Performing Arts Commendable
Need to upgrade facilities
Raise rental rates to non university groups
Strengthen the music history component
Address a balance between academics and performances
1990-91 Visual Arts Commendable
Improve facilities
Review faculty workload
Add additional faculty members
Begin to put an enrollment cap on selected courses
1990-91 Center for Logistics Commendable
Develop a PR program with private industry, government and educational institutions to increase enrollment
Increase computer hardware and lab time
Upgrade library support materials
Change from center to department
Evaluate class schedule
1990-91 Emergency Care & Rescue Acceptable
Faculty need to be encouraged to obtain more CE
Funding needs to be available to teach classes throughout the state
Free program director from some teaching responsibilities
Use adjunct faculty for supervision of clinical rotations
1990-91 Health Information Technology (Medical Records Technology) Acceptable
Design a means of getting feedback from graduates
Revise admissions criteria
Update student handbook
Continue to review and revise curriculum
1990-91 Social Work Acceptable
Provide two new faculty members
Agency writing skills should be emphasized
Lab fee should be charged
Continue to provide information seminars for students
1990-91 Stewart Library Regents accepts the review report
Hire a permanent director/dean
Increase staff
Improve counseling/employee assistance services
Address parking problems
Address handicapped access
Young People's Collection is out-dated
Personal computers should be available to staff
Eliminate manual card catalog
Billing problems should be addressed
Place a suggestion box in library
Combine circulation and exit control functions


(part of NW review)

1991-92 Accounting Commendable
Broaden curriculum and reduce the amount of accounting-specific courses
Review mission statement of graduate and undergraduate programs
Establish a tracking program for all graduates
1991-92 Business Administration Commendable
Emphasize an ongoing program for computer facilities
Use media to promote accreditation status of department
Integrate ethics and international business into the core
Better integrate faculty into student advisement
Consider afternoon and block scheduling
1991-92 Computer & Information Systems Acceptable
Develop a department strategic plan
Hire qualified faculty
Continue communication with other departments/programs
Consider technically-based program when assigning teaching loads
1991-92 Logistics Progress report 2006-07
1991-92 Economics

Dual listing in catalog of the two degrees
Change the program requirements for the general economics degree to be similar with social science degree
Actively solicit majors
Students should receive information about career opportunities

1991-92 Health Administrative Services Acceptable
Consider measuring all the theoretical/technical competencies in the senior seminar
More specific educational outcomes could be employed in the internship or seminar
Add qualified faculty
1991-92 Radiologic Sciences Outstanding
Develop specific objectives for patient care management in radiation therapy
Make regular visits to clinical sites
Make sure students at hospitals are adequately supervised
Identify a full time faculty member as clinical coordinator
1991-92 Visual Arts Progress report 2004-05
1992-93 Child & Family Studies Acceptable
Funding needed for practicum/internship experiences
Encourage faculty involvement and development
Administrators need to convey the role of family studies and early childhood in preparing teachers
1992-93 Teacher Education Acceptable
The review occurred in conjunction with NCATE accreditation. NCATE reviewers do not make recommendations but require the institution to respond to deficiencies by a certain deadline
1992-93 Health, Physical Education & Recreation Acceptable
Reallocate funds to scholarship and professional development
Increase involvement of faculty in supervision of interns
Develop admission standards criteria
Revise and implement evaluation plan
Continue to develop the service requirement
Continue with curriculum revisions
1993-94 Botany Commendable
Continue to support student involvement in research
Continue to recruit Botany majors
Replace retiring faculty
Lobby for additional lab space
Continue to pursue joint projects
Examine ways to improve library resources
1993-94 Chemistry Commendable
Formalize assessment
Address space limitations
Seeks funds for faculty/student opportunities in education/teaching
Develop video-presentations and interactive technology methods of teaching
Continue to look at community partnerships
1993-94 Geology Recommendation not available
Hire an environmental geoscientist
Resolve problems with Geography Department
Restore the technical position
Continue to stress student research
Gender diversity among faculty should ba a strong consideration
1993-94 Microbiology Commendable
Place more emphasis on community partnerships
Strengthen advisement
Develop closer associations with Zoology Department
Obtain increased funding for labs/equipment
Create an interdisciplinary DNA lab
Upgrade classroom technology
1993-94 Physics Commendable
Develop an adequate lab facility
Assume a leadership role in the college - pursuing a math competency prerequisite for all science courses
Develop multi media teaching modules
1993-94 Zoology Commendable
Improve classroom, lab, research space
Seek ways to improve library holdings
Revise Zoology teaching major
Consider making senior thesis project a requirement
1993-94 Geography Incomplete 2005-06
1993-94 Clinical Lab Sciences Outstanding
Provide students with the opportunity to become proficient in operation of modern laboratory equipment
Add a .75 FTE faculty position
1993-94 Health Information Technology (Medical Records Technology) Acceptable
Establish course credit allocation consistent with institutional policy
Improve clinical experiences
1993-94 Health Administrative Services Progress report 2004-05
1993-94 Radiologic Sciences Progress report 2001-02
1993-94 Business Administration Progress report 2006-07
1993-94 Economics Progress report 2006-07
1994-95 Geography Acceptable
Resolve personnel issues
Develop a mission and role statement
Increase number of full time faculty
Review and revise curriculum
Seek funding for equipment
1994-95 Geosciences Acceptable
Restore the technical position
Continue to stress student research
Build bridges with government agencies
Seek funding for equipment
1994-95 Honors and Bachelor of Integrated Studies Acceptable
Separate BIS from Honors
Require a capstone experience for BIS
Improve assessment plan
Appoint a BIS coordinator
Increase funding for current expense/travel
Incorporate technology into curriculum
Revise first year experience curriculum
Improve scholarship offerings

BIS: 1997-98

Honors: 2003-04

1994-95 Nursing - Bachelors Degree Acceptable
Develop plans to address salary concerns
Greater library allocation is needed
1994-95 Continuing Education Regents will review report on system-wide CE and then make recommendations
Strengthen relationship between CE units and academic faculty
Peer review part time faculty
Strategic planning should occur
Campus based participation in determining the role of CE
Professional development needed for CE staff
2003-04 (part of NW review)
1995-96 Emergency Care & Rescue Job description for a medical director should be developed
Revise program objectives for affective and cognitive domains
Student assignments should include more use of the library
Student assignments need to be completed by director
Clinical evaluation instruments need to be evaluated
Consider the use of distant learning courses
1995-96 History Sustain the investment in teaching, service and scholarship
Bring more diversity into the program
Establish criteria for assigning credit hours to courses
Evening offerings
Deliver in class what is promised in the course description
1995-96 Criminal Justice Acceptable
Revise curriculum
Consider the need for a graduate program
Improve tracking of student graduates
1995-96 Political Science & Philosophy Acceptable
Hire a third full-time faculty
Renew the effort to implement a philosophy major
Take advantage of faculty outside the philosophy program
Upgrade library resources
Devise a plan to track students
1995-96 Psychology No response from commission
Add physical resources for appropriate labs/equipment
Consider the possibility of a master's program
1995-96 Social Work & Gerontology Acceptable
Hire one full-time contract faculty
Select a program coordinator
Develop a committee to establish program goals
Allocation of professional funds
1995-96 Sociology & Gerontology Acceptable
Hire one full-time contract faculty
Select a program coordinator
Develop a committee to establish program goals
Allocation of professional funds
1995-96 Sociology & Anthropology Commendable
Strive to develop a major in Anthropology
Need additional library resources
Incorporate more hands-on-learning opportunities for students
Add additional faculty
1995-96 Women's Studies Acceptable
Change coordinator to director
Establish educational goals
Expand core courses to four
Add an additional 0.5 FTE faculty
Progress report 1998
1995-96 Military Science Review was never completed 2005-06
1996-97 Geosciences

Approved progress report:
          Implementation of major
          Interdepartmental issues were resolved
          Require research papers in several classes
          Developing partnerships with governmental agencies
          Added an Applied Environmental Geosciences Major
          Hired more faculty with Ph.D.

1997-98 Bachelor of Integrated Studies Approved progress report:
          Students will submit prospectus to capstone
          Established a faculty advisory committee
          Split the BIS and Honors program
          BIS program developed an assessment model
1997-98 Criminal Justice Approved progress report:
          Three classes were eliminated
          Required courses reduced to allow for more electives
          Consider a graduate program
          Develop a better way of tracking students
1998-99 During this time the university was undergoing a conversion from the quarter system to the semester system. No program reviews were completed during this time.
1999-00 This was the first year of implementation of the revised program review process. Some areas were producing self-studies but no program reviews were completed.