Past Program Reviews

Date of Review Program Recommendations Next Review
1986-87 Communication Retain Program 1990-91
1986-87 Logistics Retain Program
Associate program with a school
Examine the possibility of offering more classes
Include more quantitative analysis
1986-87 Psychology Retain Program 1989-90
1986-87 Social Work Conditional
Review curriculum
Review course sequencing
Evaluate practicum experience
1987-88 Clinical Lab Sciences Accept with Commendation
Emphasize recruitment
Add course work in business management
Develop video presentations for classes
Greater access to equipment by students
1987-88 Radiological Sciences Acceptable
Money needs to be provided for equipment up-grades
Board certified faculty member in radiation therapy
Climate controlled classrooms
Minor curriculum changes
Need for additional faculty
1987-88 Accounting & Information Systems Acceptable
Monitor teaching loads
Continue access to accounting courses
1987-88 Business Administration Accepted and Approved
Help students become computer literate
Quality teaching a priority over research
Increase faculty salary
1987-88 Computer & Information Systems Accepted
Revisit the tenure/promotion process
Additional funds needed for salaries and operations
1987-88 Economics Needs further evaluation
Identify reasons for declining number of majors
1987-88 Teacher Education

Update modules on a regular basis
Include preparation for teaching basic math in special education concentration
Provide more student opportunities for observing good teaching
Faculty need to become familiar with public school reading programs

1987-88 Botany Acceptable
Fund field trips
Increase operating, maintenance, and equipment budgets
Maintain a separate Botany department
Obtain more information about graduates
Highlight preparing school teachers
1987-88 Chemistry Acceptable with Commendation
Increase operating and equipment budgets
Faculty members should include a geochemist
Do a periodic survey of graduates
1987-88 Geology Acceptable
Seek support from other agencies
Improve library holdings
Pursure cooperative resource sharing with industries
Emphasize student research
1988-89 Health Administrative Services (Allied Health Science) Generally Acceptable
Allow for advanced disciplines in the school to earn a baccalaureate degree
Develop surveys to assist in the promotion of the program
Add additional course work in supervision, marketing, and interpersonal skills
Prepare students for graduate school
Review course content for redundancy
1988-89 Respiratory Therapy Outstanding
Need for updated critical care equipment
Need to update computers
Explore potential interdisciplinary degree options
Reinstate faculty position from 86-87
(CAHEA 1992-93 and 1999-00)
1988-89 Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance Generally Acceptable
Add two additional faculty members
Enhance library listings
Facilitate faculty travel
Obtain computers
Add additional classes
1988-89 Microbiology Generally Acceptable
Assign one additional FTE faculty
Implement an ongoing capital equipment and facilities upgrade program
Obtain gifts and grants to supplement equipment and research
Develop a more rigorous tracking system for graduates
1988-89 Physics Outstanding
Add two faculty positions
Faculty credit for research
Salary increases
Strengthen Math requirement
Better communication with industries
Need an executive secretary
1988-89 Zoology

Generally Acceptable
Teach low enrollment courses on alternative years
Acquire modern equipment
Release time for research
Plan for approaching faculty retirements
Form a community advisory council

1988-89 Automotive Engineering Technology Marginally Acceptable
Consolidate all programs into one
Develop an advertising campaign for recruitment
Develop summer employment opportunities for students
Develop a graduate tracking system


(ABET 1992-93)

1988-89 Automotive Service Technology Outstanding
Hire additional faculty
Better visibility/accessibility to programs
Sale/Service Tech faculty be in one location
Need major equipment purchases
Improve environmental characteristics
Focus curriculum on diagnostic capacity and customer relations
Improve faculty salaries


1988-89 Computer Science Generally Acceptable
Review goals
Coordinate all computer related offerings
Have all faculty on computer network
Student/faculty ratios very high
Improve faculty development
Examine BS program
Emphasize student research
Curriculum revision for redundancy of content
More interdisciplinary courses/majors
1988-89 Sales & Service Technology (Distributive Technology) Generally Acceptable
Hire additional faculty
Facilities are inadequate
Maintain bridges with other departments
1988-89 Pre-engineering (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Probation
Eliminate weaknesses such as low enrollment, no degree completion, poorly prepared entry level students, no advanced math sequence course
1988-89 Honors & Bachelor of Integrated Studies Generally Acceptable
Increase funding for staff
Increase number of scholarships
Provide additional classroom space
Separate Honors and BIS
1989-90 Dental Hygiene Outstanding
Add one FTE faculty position
Consider nontraditional students
Improve experiences in radiology
Encourage faculty membership in professional organizations
Evaluate integrating DH into a 4 year program
Conduct mock Boards twice a year


(ADA 1996-97)

1989-90 Child & Family Studies Marginal
Improve interpersonal relationships among faculty
Develop mission statement and goals
Review child development program
Address multicultural diversity
Address rigor in classes
Engage students in faculty research
Reassess role of family education center
1989-90 Geography Acceptable
Add staffing
Increased funding for space is needed
Re-emphasize field base program
Expand cooperative work experience program
1989-90 Sociology & Anthropology

Expand program to include service courses
Implement a teaching minor
Revise curriculum
Add ethnology area courses
Incorporate course prerequisites
Increase required credit hours
Increase student recruitment efforts
Encourage more library usage
Evaluate adjunct faculty

1989-90 Criminal Justice Acceptable
Overall curriculum review
Consider a master's degree
Review student faculty ratio
1989-90 Gerontology Acceptable
Determine the direction of the department over the next 3-5 years
Support program director
Program director should be tenured
Update library resources
Continue to gather statistics on program
1989-90 Philosophy Acceptable
Establish a major
Hire a third full-time faculty member
1989-90 Political Science Acceptable
Revise curriculum
Add 2-4 full time faculty members
Increase funds for travel
Provide a 12 month secretary
Improve advising
1989-90 Psychology Acceptable
Continue to provide effective teaching
Make a strong effort toward diversity
Need additional space for labs
Develop long range priorities
1989-90 History Acceptable
Incorporate more writing into History 170
Add two faculty members
Support Writing Across the Curriculum
Reduce faculty teaching loads
Increase funds library materials, travel, salaries
1989-90 Continuing Education Acceptable
Keep university mission statement in mind
Create a CE Center
Seek high level instruction
Bridge with rest of campus