Why Study at Weber State University?

It would be difficult to over-state the impact of the visual in our culture. Everywhere we look, our experience of the world is mediated and shaped by images. Images may transmit information, and entertain, but they also move and teach us. Contemporary artists and designers have great influence over our culture, and the Weber State University Department of Visual Art & Design (DOVAD) prepares the next generation of practitioners in the fields of studio art and graphic design to be responsible, dynamic, and innovative in their careers and in life.

A major at WSU in visual art and design prepares students for careers and advanced study in many areas of visual culture; our students are equipped to work as independent artists and designers, arts administrators, and educators. Our graduates go on to careers in advertising and design businesses, they work in digital and traditional media, and create illustrations to make complex ideas comprehensible. They use their art to create dialogue and challenge thinking in a complex, pluralistic world.

But graduates of DOVAD are prepared for careers in other, perhaps more surprising ways, too. The skills acquired in DOVAD involving critical thinking and creative problem solving are of great importance to organizations and businesses around the globe. In addition to  expertise in visual structures and concepts, artists and designers bring creativity and imagination to careers within the confines of art and design, and far beyond.