Study Abroad

The travel-study program in Venice, Italy is offered by DOVAD every other year (odd-numbered years), in order to coincide with the Venice Biennale, one of the most important contemporary international art exhibitions. Participating nations, individual artists, and collateral events are staged across Venice, from June to November on biannual basis. The program also consists of group studio work sessions, visits to art-historical sites throughout the city and beyond, including a day-trip to Padua, to see the work Giotto, his frescoes in the Arena Chapel there being among the touchstones of the early Renaissance. Extensive time is spent at the Venice Biennale with students writing on and discussing the works found there. Scheduled activities occur during the week, with free time for students on the weekends, which they typically use for trips to other nearby Italian and European cities. Students receive both studio and art-history credit for participation in the program.