Mark Biddle, Professor of Art

Mark Biddle
Professor of Art

/// MFA Indiana State University, 1981

Areas of teaching expertise: graphic design, design history, design research.

Mark has served as co-coordinator of the graphic design program at WSU for more than thirty years. As a design researcher, he is particularly interested in relationships between cultural diversity, xenophobia, and graphic communication (i.e., how various ethnicities, religions and sexualities see themselves as compared with the way they are stereotyped and represented). As a designer, Mark has served clients in government, education, and the private sector.

Mark’s digital assemblies grow directly from the migrations and transactions of everyday experience. Elements of visual communication are pulled out of original contexts and pitched into atmospheric spaces where each word and image can be re-negotiated and re-valued. For a designer, the subversive element in this makes it an attractive and informative space in which to experiment.