Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS)

Application Process for Students Wishing to Include Visual Art & Design as Part of Their Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree
1. If you wish to include Visual Art & Design as one of the areas in your BIS program you must write a statement of intent explaining your educational goals and why they can’t be achieved with a combination of existing majors and minors. In 2-3 paragraphs answer the following questions, “What do I want to know and be able to do as a result of my study?” and “Why will my integrated studies program be the best way to reach my goals?” This statement will be the foundation on which you and your advisor build your curriculum. Understand that the more compelling it is, the more likely a professor will agree to volunteer to serve.

2. E-mail this statement to the chair of the Department of Visual Art & Design, Matthew Choberka, If you are familiar with DOVAD you may suggest a faculty member that you would like to have as a mentor.

3. The chair will review your statement, and, if they feel the proposal is sound, forward it to a faculty member they feel is best suited to help you develop your program of study.

4. The faculty member will review your proposal and, if they feel it is sound, will contact you to schedule an appointment to set up your program of study. The faculty member who signs the contract agrees that it is a worthy program and will be willing to help guide you in your studies and serve on your capstone committee. If the faculty member believes the proposal is unsound, they will notify the chair who will then contact you.