Art Education

The Art Education program at WSU prepares the teaching candidate for the rigors and rewards of a career in the classroom. The Department of Visual Art & Design offers both a BFA in Art Education and a BA Art Education degree, along with a Minor in Art Education.  The BFA degree consists of 72 hours of study in studio art and art history. This is a highly focused degree and due to the increased hours in art a minor is not required, nor are the foreign language requirements of the BA. The BA Art Education degree consists of 48 credit hours in studio art and art history. A minor is required in addition to the BA requirements. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design prefer that prospective art teachers seek the BFA degree since it provides significantly more depth than the BA. DOVAD does offer the BA for teachers who feel that they might be teaching in a school system where a breadth of knowledge areas is more important than depth. All teaching majors lead to secondary licensure making graduates eligible to teach in grades 6-12. In addition to the Visual Art & Design requirements, secondary licensure requirements is required for all teaching degrees. It is comprised of approximately 27 hours of coursework in the  Department of Teacher Education.