3D Media

The Department of Visual Art & Design's 3D program is located within close proximity to monumental Land Art works such as Robert Smithson’s “Spiral Jetty” (seen above from class field trip) and Nancy Holt’s “Sun Tunnels."

DOVAD offers a Bachelors of Fine Arts
Degree with an emphasis in 3-D Media,
including focused areas in Ceramics and Sculpture.

The WSU 3-D Media program provides a comprehensive environment for learning current and emerging practices in three-dimensional art. 3D majors receive a broad knowledge of processes and technical training in beginning through intermediate courses. Through intermediate and advance level courses students learn to develop independently driven studio practices that hone specific skillsets and form critical explorations in content. Design, concept, and craft are equally stressed throughout our program, exploring both traditional and experimental approaches to art.


3D Areas:


When you are ready to apply for the BFA degree with a 3D emphasis, please consult the 3D area advisors:

Stephen Wolochowicz
Ceramics / 3D

Jason Manley
Sculpture / 3D