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The mission of the Advocates for FAFSA Program is to raise awareness of the Federal, State, and scholarship financial aid opportunities that are available to students. Our goal is to increase FAFSA completion among seniors by providing clear and easily understood Financial Aid information to students, their parents. and the community.

We assist graduating seniors and their families by helping them to understand that FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the gateway for federal student aid, which includes grants and loans, as well as aid offered by states and colleges. Anyone attending college or planning to attend college should complete and submit a FAFSA application. This is the only way to receive federal financial aid for college in the forms of Pell Grants, work-study, federal student loans, and some scholarships.

Services Offered

  • Assist with FAFSA events at local secondary schools
  • Participate in FAFSA Outreach and community events
  • Offer financial aid presentations for students, parents, and educators
  • One on One hands-on assistance with financial aid applications
  • Resource tabling available for all events
  • Supportive FAFSA advisement for Junior and High school students
  • Offer parent FAFSA workshops and Q&A Sessions

Be Prepared To File

Learn more about FAFSA & applying for Federal Student Aid.

Receive Support

Receive one-on-one assistance with an experienced FAFSA Advocate that will provide support to make the financial aid process easier. Learn about available Federal & State programs, & scholarship resources that can help make education beyond high school more attainable.

Meet Our Team

Meet our experienced FAFSA Advocates (who are college students themselves) that can provide near-peer effective support in an effort to help make the financial aid process easy and comprehensible for students and their families.