Utah Residency for Tuition Purposes

Utah Residency

Students who are classified as nonresident students at Weber State University are assessed nonresident tuition rates. Utah residency is determined based on information provided upon admission to the university. Students who have U.S. or Permanent Resident citizenship and have been classified as a non-resident but believe they may qualify for resident tuition must: 

  1. Submit an Online Application for Residency Reclassification.
  2. Provide appropriate documentation demonstrating they meet at least one provision for Utah residency. For a list or residency provisions, explanation of those provisions, and a list of required documents click here. Appropriate documentation is determined and requested at the time you submit the online application. (Please note: All applicants may be asked to submit either a Utah Driver’s License or obtain a Utah Identification Card).

Apply for Utah Residency

Deadlines and Further Considerations

To be considered for residency reclassification, applications must be submitted before the 15th working day of the semester in which a change of residency is requested. All applications submitted after that date will be considered for the following semester. 
WSU reserves the right to request additional documentation necessary in determining eligibility. All notifications, requests for documentation, and updates on your status will be sent to your Weber State email account. Please check your Weber State email account regularly.

Keep in mind, if you are claimed as a dependent on the most recent federal tax return by someone who is a resident of a state other than Utah, that may disqualify you from Utah resident status eligibility.

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