Employee PC Training Program

Division Guideline

Employee PC Training Program

Program Effective Date:  2 January 2003


To provide Weber State University employees the opportunity to take substandard personal computers (PCs) home to improve their computing skills.


Surplus Property, PPM No. 5-27, specifically paragraph IV. A: Surplus property will be redistributed or disposed of in a manner to maximize return to Weber State University.


Substandard PCs - Personal Computers that have been judged below minimum standards by Property Control personnel as directed by the Information Technology Department.


A. All WSU faculty, executive, professional, and classified contract staff are eligible to participate in this program.

B. Interested employees should obtain a copy of the "Employee PC Training Program -- Letter of Authorization" form and follow these instructions.

1. Print or type your name, extension, and mail code on the second line, indicating that you want to participate in this program.

2. Copy the form for your records.

3. Mail the original completed form to Property Control, M/C 3602, or take the form to Property Control, located in Building 27 (Stores and Receiving).

4. Your name will be placed on the "Employee PC Training Program" list, and when your name reaches the top of the list, you will receive the next available computer.

Prepared by the Administrative Services Communication SOIT and endorsed by the Administrative Services Financial QMT.