2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Week Six - Answers


Challenge: 50 pts What is the responsibility of Property Control? Responsibility for inventory and audit of all institutional equipment valued over $1000.00.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the two areas of challenge for physical resources? Secure funding at the required levels to provide and maintain the facilities consistent with our mission.
The Ogden campus is beginning to age. There will be a need for an increased emphasis on maintenance, repair and refurbishment.
Bonus 1: 10 pts What are the two areas that are key to the future growth and development of the Ogden Campus?
Former site of McKay Dee Hospital.
Area currently occupied by buildings 1, 2, 3, 4
Bonus 2: 10 pts What one word did the President say in the "Accreditation-Nevermore" poem? Accreditation


Challenge: 50 pts What is the Ed Pass Program? Enables students, faculty and staff to ride transit authority busses and light rail free by showing WSU ID card.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the next step/action items for each of the following years: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 for facilities? 2004-Swenson Gym
2005-Demolish Buildings 1 & 2
2006-Remodel Shepherd Union Building
2007-Construct Building 2 on WSU-Davis
2008-University Housing Improvements
Bonus 1: 10 pts
What is WSU's largest funding source? State-appropriated tax dollars.
Bonus 2: 10 pts In "The Year Before Accreditation Story" what did the Commissioner exclaim as he drove out of sight? Accreditation to All - No Rejoinders in Site!


Challenge: 50 pts What significant change occured in 1999 with regard to facilities?
Constructed an additional/remodel project improving the Val A. Browning Center for the Performing Arts.
Super Challenge: 100 pts Facilities Management is composed of what five main functional groups? Operations
Campus Planning and Construction
Systems Support
Business Center
Bonus 1: 10 pts What is the mission of Parking Services? To develop and maintain safe and economical parking system that continuously adapts to the ever-changing needs of our community.


Challenge: 50 pts What are the responsibilities of the Office of University Development? Coordinating fund-raising activities and for receiving and acknowledging all private gifts in cash, real property, securities and in-kind.
Super Challenge: 100 pts Once capital priorities have been submitted to the State Board of Regents, they are evaluated with all other higher education projects through a specific model. What is the name of this model and what factors does it incorporate? Qualification and Prioritization Model Factors: Mission/role
Current inventory of space
Life safety issues
Extent of institutional matching funds
Bonus 1: 10 pts The Ogden campus consists of how many acres and how many buildings? 486 acres and 48 buildings (Credit was given for answers in acres and square footage. Thanks for catching our mistake.)


Challenge: 50 pts What is the second largest source of revenue for the institution?
Student tuition and fees
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the 13 functions of the Trustee Audit Review Committee? -Approve annual audit schedule with advice of the President
-Review and close all internal audits
-Review all regents-required audits
-Review primary external audits
-Interact with external auditors
-Assess internal control environments
-Assess process for receiving anonymous complaints
-Assess compliance with applicable laws
-Review audit function organization
-Concur in the appointment and replacement of audit executive
-Review and approve minutes
-Report to Regents annually
-Report to Trustees quarterly
Bonus 1: 10 pts What year was the Purchasing Card (P-Card) implemented? 1997