2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Week Five - Answers


Challenge: 50 pts What are the four strategic goals of the library? -Continue to improve the quality and relevancy of the collection
-Enhance access to the information resources
-Provide a comprehensive instruction program
-Augment the library's budget
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the five significant changes that have been made in the library since 1994 to enhance access to information resources? A full range of library services is now available at the WSU-Davis Information Commons.
Off-campus access to electronic resources was significantly improved and simplified with the installation of the EZProxy software.
An electronic reserve system was implemented.
More than 65 additional computers have been placed in public areas.
Library hours have been increased to 105 hours per week.
Bonus 1: 10 pts The library receives operating funds from what three sources? Education & General Monies allocated to WSU
State Monies allocated to UALC Gifts
Bonus 2: 10 pts The Northwest Commission oversees regional accreditation for how many institutions? 157


Challenge: 50 pts What are the three most important information technology support resources? Highly qualified professional staff.
Quality of the data/telephone network.
Utah Education Network.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the eight strengths of the Information Technology Division?

Qualified, dedicated and motivated staff.
A cooperative work environment.
Strong central leadership.
A well-established IT planning tradition.
A reliable, high bandwidth data network.
Stable funding for open computer lab support.
A successful online university.

Bonus 1: 10 pts What is the current preferred method of providing journal articles, newspapers and reference material to library patrons? Electronic Full-Text


Challenge: 50 pts What are the six functional areas by which the library is organized? Systems & Access Services
Bibliographic Services Collection
Management/Faculty Liaison
Library Instruction
Reference & Information Services
Archives & Special Collections
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the IT Division's goals for 2002-04? Provide effective guidance and support for continued technology evolution.
Ensure a solid technology base for teaching, research and public service.
Achieve maximum benefits for our community from emerging technologies.
Implement effective strategies to improve IT Division service and performance.
Bonus 1: 10 pts Stewart Library is open approximately how many hours per week?
75 or 105 depending on which branch
Bonus 3: 10 pts The Northwest Commission decision-making body consists of how many Commissioners? 26


Challenge: 50 pts In 2003, what were the six information technology support departments in the Information Technology Division? CIO Office
Administrative Computing
Systems & Network Management
Technology Services
Web Development
Super Challenge: 100 pts What were the results from interviews conducted, with regard to the library, in 1998-99 and again in 2001-02 with over 200 students? 90% of the students interviewed in 98/99 and over 93% of the students interviewed in 01/02 said they were satisfied with both the assistance they received and the resources available to them indicated strong satisfaction with library resources and services.
Bonus 1: 10 pts The total number of desktop computers increased how many from 1993-2003?
Bonus 2: 10 pts On the 2004 calendar for the self-study, what is Kathleen Lukken scheduled to do on August 23rd? Mail the self-study to the evaluation team


Challenge: 50 pts The Commission's 1999 Regular Interim Report stated that: "Much has been done to improve the Stewart Library since both the 1994 and 1996 visits." Improvements were clearly evident in three areas, what were they?

Staffing (services)

Super Challenge: 100 pts Information Technology is responsible for what eight university-wide information technology support areas?

Administrative Services
Telephone Network
Data Network
Internet Access
Online Services
Multimedia Support
Help Desk
General Computing Support

Bonus 1: 10 pts In any given year what percent of library faculty and staff attend conferences, workshops and seminars? Over 93%