2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Week Four - Answers


Challenge: 50 pts What are the five divisions included in the university's organizational structure? Academic Affairs
Administrative Services
Information Technology
Student Affairs
University Relations
Super Challenge: 100 pts Outstanding teaching expertise can be found in each college and the library. What is the example given for excellent teaching in the Dumke College of Health Professions?
Yasmen Simonian and her faculty designed and implemented two online degree programs with worldwide enrollees.
Bonus 1: 10 pts Approximately how many of our faculty were active scholars in 2002-03?
Bonus 2: 10 pts The region for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities included what seven states? Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington


Challenge: 50 pts The Teaching and Learning Forum hosts three T.E.A.M. workshops each semester. What do the letters T.E.A.M. represent?
Teach, Energize, Assess, Mentor
Super Challenge: 100 pts The Provost and Vice Presidents are evaluated by the President at the end of their term of service for reappointment. Input for these evaluations is solicited from a variety of sources. Name four of them.
Vice Presidents, Deans, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Board of Trustees, Board of Regents, Faculty and Staff, Community Members, Peers
Bonus 1: 10 pts What three areas comprise the Division of University Relations? Alumni Relations, University Communications, University Development


Challenge: 50 pts What are the five responsibilities of the Board of Regents with regards to system planning? Direct planning involving institutional mission and roles, budget needs, new programs, program reviews, distance and outreach education, statewide articulation of courses and programs.
Super Challenge: 100 pts Nearly 150 faculty participated in undergraduate research with students in 2002-03. What was the example given for undergraduate research in the College of Education? Paul Schvaneveldt worked with a student who developed and administered a questionnaire on eating disorders to over 400 adolescents in area high schools.
Bonus 1: 10 pts Approximately what percent of WSU's full-time faculty hold terminal degrees as defined by their disciplines?
Bonus 2: 10 pts In the "Twelve Days of Christmas Accreditation Style" what did Kathleen Lukken give to Monica Mize on the fifth day? (Hint: This answer can not be found in the self study. It can be found on the accreditation website.) Five Diet Cokes


Challenge: 50 pts Since 1997 there has been consistency or improvement in 7 of the 10 Noel-Levitz survey questions regarding student perceptions of teaching. Which three areas indicated a decline in student satisfaction in 2000? Faculty provides timely feedback.
Quality of instruction I receive in most courses is excellent.
Nearly all faculty are knowledgeable in their field.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the eleven standing committees of the Faculty Senate?

Academic Resources and Computing
Admissions, Standards and Student Affairs
Appointment, Promotion, Academic Freedom and Tenure
Constitutional Review, Apportionment and Organization
Curriculum and General Education Executive Committee
Honorary Degree
Faculty Board of Review
Research, Scholarship & Professional Growth
Salary, Benefits, Budget & Fiscal Planning
Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Bonus 1: 10 pts Faculty responsibilities fall into what three categories? Teaching