2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Week Three - Answers


Challenge: 50 pts One of the services to the Academic Advisement Center is to provide academic advisement to first year students through a course in which required academic advising and career advising modules are embedded. What is the name of that course?
Introduction to the University
Super Challenge: 100 pts Students servce on what four faculty senate committees? Academic Resources and Computing
Admissions, Standards and Student Affairs
Curriculum and General Education
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Bonus 1: 10 pts What percentage of students have work obligations of 20 hours or more? 53% or 69% (Depending on which page you found it on. Thanks for catching our error!)
Bonus 2: 10 pts Who serves on the WSU accreditation steering committee from Facilities Management? Jim Cox


Challenge: 50 pts What was the headcount of students served by university housing in 2003?
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the eight services offered by the non-traditional student center? Hourly Child Care Center
Activities for families and children
Activities for adults
Parenting workshops
Successful student workshops
Non-traditional student area council
Peer mentoring assistance program
Study and meeting room
Bonus 1: 10 pts During the 2002-03 academic year how many students were awarded financial aid? 11,288


Challenge: 50 pts What is the mission statement for the First Year Experience? To assist incoming students in making a successful transition to college, both academically and socially.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the five operating areas of the Registrar's Office? Registration
Bonus 1: 10 pts Since 1997, how many Big Sky Championships has WSU produced? 21


Challenge: 50 pts Of the following Noel-Levitz Survey questions, which showed the greatest improvement from 1997 until 2003?
-Adequate food selection in the cafeteria
-Tutoring services are readily available
-Variety of intramural activities offered
Tutoring services are readily available
Super Challenge: 100 pts The Campus Recreation Department provides a variety of sport, fitness and recreational activities for students, faculty, staff and community members. In 2002, which area of campus recreational activities had the greatest student participation?
Bonus 1: 10 pts What were the significant changes in facilities relating to student services in 2002? Opened new apartment style student housing
Opened the sky-suit/press box addition to the Stewart Stadium


Challenge: 50 pts The Director of Athletics submits three different audits, what are they? NCAA Compliance Audit
Independent State Audit
Internal Audit
Super Challenge: 100 pts What six specific programs are offered through student services for Special Populations? Women Students
International Students
Non-traditional Students
Multi-cultural Students
Students with Disabilities
Veterans Affairs
Bonus 1: 10 pts The student profile for Fall 2002 identified what percentage of first time freshman? 15%