2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

The Accreditator Super Challenge

Week Two - Answers



Challenge: 50 pts Which three areas within Academic Affairs have the highest percentage of student learning outcomes occurring in the cognitive domain?
BIS, Honors and First Year Experience
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the four strengths of the graduate programs? Strongly Academic Programs
Qualified Faculty
Strong Enrollments
Accessible and Convenient Program Offerings
Bonus 1: 10 pts
How many degrees were awarded in 2002-03? 3471
Bonus 2: 10 pts What is the seventh responsibility of the self-study steering committee? Identify and implement communication strategies within campus for the self-study process.




Challenge: 50 pts What academic school year did the Division of Academic Affairs begin a systematic approach to documenting the assessment of student learning outcomes within academic programs?
Super Challenge: 100 pts The outcomes assessment model included four parts, what are they? Identification of a mission statement
List of student learning outcomes
Curriculum grid/map identifying where outcomes where taught
An assessment plan
Bonus 1: 10 pts What percent of student credit hours are accounted for by online courses and degree offerings? 12%




Challenge: 50 pts What percentage of English, Communication and Mathematics general education courses are taught by adjuncts?
Super Challenge: 100 pts What are the college wide student learning outcomes for the College of Applied Science & Technology? Acquire skills and knowledge to prepare them for employment upon graduation.
Gain an appropriate mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills and tools of their discipline.
Understand the need for and develop the ability to engage in lifelong learning.
Develop the ability to function effectively on teams.
Bonus 1: 10 pts Name both the direct and indirect methods for assessment that are used the most across colleges. Direct - locally prepared written exams (43)
Indirect - exit interviews (40)




Challenge: 50 pts What was the example of the psychomotor outcomes given by the Nursing Department?
Students will demonstrate competency in skill areas by performing the technical aspects of their selected fields.
Super Challenge: 100 pts What was the charge of the General Education Task Force created by the Utah Board of Regents in 1995? To begin work on identifying common competencies and common assessment strategies in the core general education areas of composition. American Institutions, qualitative literacy, and computer and information literacy
Bonus 1: 10 pts What are the three principles central to the mission of the Goddard School of Business and Economics? Education, Research and Community




Challenge: 50 pts The following is the mission statement for what aspect of the College of Education: We exist to serve families who are consumers of childcare, childcare providers seeking education and professional development and employers wishing to support their workers?
Child Care Resource and Referral Center
Super Challenge: 100 pts The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences hosts what five interdisciplinary studies programs? Asian Studies
Ethnic Studies
Legal Studies
Urban and Regional Planning
Women's Studies
Bonus 1: 10 pts Students will demonstrate an informed appreciation of other cultures is an example of an affective outcome in which department? Sociology