2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

Required and Suggested Exhibits


1. Faculty handbook, including personnel policies and procedures Web link
2. Policy on Academic Freedom PPM 9-1 Web link
3. Faculty committees and memberships, Faculty Senate standing committee,
Administrative standing committees
Web link
Exhibit binder
4. Evaluation forms and summary reports of student evaluations of faculty and
See evaluation
in appendices
binder standard
2 appendix E 
5. Access to personnel files and current professional vitae Dean's office
Appendix binders
6. Criteria and procedures for employing, evaluation, and compensating faculty in
special programs such as off-campus, study abroad, travel/study, non-credit,
or extension credit programs
Web links
7. Copies of any doctrinal statements required for employment, promotion and
tenure PPM 3-5, PPM 8-11, PPM 8-27
Web links
Exhibit binder
8. Policies governing, employment, orientation, and evaluation of part-time faculty
and teaching fellows if applicable
Not available
9. Summary reports of faculty involvement with public services/community services Exhibit binder
Summary reports
in appendices
binder standard
2 appendix B
10. Institutional policies regarding scholarship and artistic creation by faculty and
Web link
Exhibit binder
11. Institutional policies regarding research activity, including sponsored research
by faculty and students
; Institutional Review Board (IRB), Animal Care and Use
Web links
12. Summary of the faculty role in developing and monitoring policies and practices
in scholarship, artistic creation and research
Web link
Statistics of faculty retention and turn over Self Study