2004 Northwest Accreditation Review

Required and Suggested Exhibits


1. Policy statements concerning access to campus for various constituencies,
visitor information, security, and public safety
Public Safety
Information Booth
Safety/Accident and Injury Prevention
Vehicle Registration and Parking
Vehicle Traffic on Campus Sidewalks
Prohibition of Weapons on Campus
Campus Walkway Safety
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Exhibit binder
2. Schedule for replacement of instructional equipment and examples of
inventories which are maintained
Property Control
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Exhibit binder
3. Campus facilities master plan and accompanying maps indicating changes
over the past several years
Exhibit binder
Exhibit room
4. Annual and long-term plans for remodeling, renovation, and major
Exhibit binder
5. Major property additions or capital improvements during past three years and
those planned for the next three years
Exhibit binder
1. Space utilization studies including unit-by-unit assignments Exhibit binder
2. Measures utilized to determine the adequacy of facilities for the institution's
programs and services
Exhibit binder
FM office