Peer Mentor Program

NOTE: To support efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are currently operating virtually. It is never too late to connect with a Peer Mentor and you can request one under "Get a Mentor". You may continue to email your Peer Mentor or with any questions. 


To provide peer to peer mentoring, involvement and reflection to develop self-advocacy in navigating campus resources, connecting to peers and WSU and preparing to graduate successfully.


Students are empowered to be self-sufficient and interdependent learners to achieve personal, academic and professional success.


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Through one-on-one and small group mentoring, participants will learn about important topics like campus resources, goal setting, time management, talking to faculty, and their own personal, academic, leadership and identity development.


Focus Areas and Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes are grouped by three focus areas that address potential obstacles and college knowledge critical to student success: Navigate, Connect and Graduate.


Students will gain and manage knowledge to successfully navigate college.

  • Students will identify campus resources for needs like financial aid, registration and
    academic and personal wellness.
  • Students will access resources on campus to meet their needs and/or enhance their
    college experience


Students will develop a sense of belonging
among peers and within WSU.

  • Students will describe the value of engaging with peers in activities and/or organizations
    on campus.
  • Students will describe how their social identities influence their relationship with their
    peers, faculty and staff.
  • Students will describe how their social identities influence their educational experience.
  • Students will articulate a meaningful connection to the University.


Students will invest in their preparation for successful graduation and life beyond college.

  • Students will describe the value of investing time in skills development and engaging in
    networking opportunities.
  • Students will identify and communicate their strengths and areas of growth.
  • Students will identify, develop and appropriately apply their leadership skills.
  • Students will articulate steps to achieve their plan for graduation and beyond.



Peer Mentors facilitate one on one and small group reflection and activities.


Mentees receive an end of term evaluations to assess the program, their Peer Mentors and their learning.


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For more information on the Peer Mentor Program, contact:


Mentor Coordinator

PHONE: 801-626-7332
OFFICE: Student Services, Room 174

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