TERM Steering Committee


Brenda Acor
Alice Allred
Shelly Belflower
Thomas Bell
Matthew Cain
Cory Cunningham
Bret Ellis
Amanda Hadlock
David Imig
Allen Lore
Lisa Ostermiller
Dale Ostlie
Carrie Quesnell
Pamela Schilling
John Thaeler 

The university’s TERM Steering Committee received the 2011 Exemplary Collaboration Award, in recognition of the teamwork demonstrated during the formulation and implementation of new developmental math courses.

The 16-member TERM Steering Committee led the way in transitioning to this new, innovative approach to developmental math, which relies upon a Web-based program and individualized tutoring. Students in the program learn mathematical concepts at their own pace. TERM is now used in all sections of Math 950, 960 and 1010, and enrollment in the program has far exceeded original projections — a testament to TERM’s success.

"Student reactions to the new model have been very positive," said Dale Ostlie, dean of the College of Science. "Students who lacked confidence or were unsuccessful in learning math in the past are successfully completing courses under TERM and making real progress toward their degree goals." (From WSUToday - March 9, 2011)