High Altitude Reconnaissance Balloon for Outreach and Research


John Armstrong, Physics
Michelle Arnold, Physics
Dave Bernesser, Student
Brad, Carroll, Physics
Tim Davis, Student
Erik Hall, Student
Jake Hall, Student
Ryan Haynes, Student
Michael Hernandez, Geosciences
Mike Hess, Student
Luke Jenkins, Student
Adam Johnston, Physics
Sean Keil, Student
Shane Larson, Utah State University Professor of Physics
Adam Linsley, Student
Bryce McClurg, Student
John Metcalf, Student
Isaac Myers, University of Utah, Graduate Student, Physics
AmyJo Proctor, Planetarium
Ron Proctor, Planetarium
Rick Schroeder, Physics
Walter Scott, University of Utah High Performance Computing Center
Samuel Silver, Student
Ian Sohl, Student, DaVinci Academy
John Sohl, Physics
Jan Sojka, Utah State University, Chair, Physics Department
Sheri Trbovich, Weber County SAR
Col Charlie Vono, Chair, Utah Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Jeff Ward, Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology
Adolph Yonkee, Geosciences
Rhett Zollinger, University of Utah, Graduate Student, Physics

The university’s HARBOR team received the 2009 Exemplary Collaboration Award, in recognition of the teamwork demonstrated by 13 students and nine faculty members from four academic departments (physics, geosciences, construction management technology, and computer and electronics engineering technology) in the College of Science and College of Applied Science & Technology respectively. The group built and promoted a high-altitude balloon system as a near-space platform for student and amateur research projects in science and engineering. A latex, helium-filled balloon carries a payload for experimental equipment and a command capsule for ground communication. After traveling more than 78,000 feet into the atmosphere, the system uses a parachute to return the equipment safely back to Earth. The HARBOR group’s vision, dedication and teamwork led to the successful maiden launch of the research balloon in July 2008, offering new undergraduate research opportunities for future students and faculty. (From WSU Today - March 16, 2009)