Hal Crimmel

Article from WSU News, April 2016

A role model for faculty and students, Hal Crimmel has been named the 2016 John S. Hinckley Fellow. Crimmel serves as chair of the English department.

In his teaching and research, Crimmel blends the discipline of English with contemporary concerns in ecology, biology and the environment. He was a leading figure in the creation of the WSU Sustainability Practices and Research Center. His interdisciplinary perspectives are reflected in his edited collection of essays “Desert Water: The Future of Utah’s Water Resources.”

“Crimmel uses his energy to translate WSU’s vision as a center of undergraduate research and community service into a practical reality,” wrote English professor Michael Wutz in a nomination letter.

As a scholar, Crimmel has presented regularly at national conferences, published five books and contributed to numerous articles and several films. Crimmel has been a Fulbright Scholar and a visiting professor in Germany, China and Austria.