Dr. William McVaugh (2001)

"It was surprising and humbling, as well as gratifying, for me to receive the John S. Hinckley Fellow award. This is, in part, because you are nominated and chosen by your colleagues, and in part because of the honor of being invited into the distinguished group of Hinckley Fellows with their extraordinary accomplishments.

Not only does this award for broad accomplishment come from my peers, it also came about because of long collaboration with some outstanding faculty and student colleagues in the Department of Psychology and across campus. Working with this small community of scholars and practitioners continues to be a great source of productivity as well as pleasure and satisfaction for me.  Thus, the award is the result of the efforts, dedication, creativity and productivity of that group, making it especially sweet. Indeed my focus of research has turned mostly to the study of internal cognitive processes and social facilitation factors important for students and others to transform themselves into successful thinkers, problem solvers and decision makers in a culture of learning.

The award has allowed me to purchase equipment essential to facilitate research related to the role of new media in this process.  John Hinckley is part of this group in a broad way. Not only was his award important, but his commitment to Weber State and his vision for the academic community will continue to contribute well into the future.”

—Bill McVaugh