Dr. Samuel I. Zeveloff (1993)

“I was delighted to receive the Hinckley Award in 1993; I was impressed by the accomplishments of its previous recipients and was thus flattered to be so recognized. I am devoted to education and currently enjoy teaching such courses as Conservation Biology and Mammalogy. My research interests are community and evolutionary ecology. Presently, I am completing a book on raccoon natural history which is under contract with Smithsonian Institution Press. My publications include the book Mammals of the Intermountain West. My scholarship also involves a consideration of wilderness issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. In 1990, I organized a symposium on this topic at an American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting. I was the senior editor of a book from this conference, Wilderness Issues in the Arid Lands of the Western United States. I was also the senior editor of Wilderness Tapestry, a volume from the North American Interdisciplinary Wilderness Conference. I believe that it is important for scientists to work with the media to inform the public about matters of concern. To this end, I have authored an editorial on cougar management in Utah for our regional newspaper. Last, I am committed to community outreach. I developed the university’s Holocaust Memorial which has included a tolerance march with the area’s high schools. I am honored to be on Weber State’s faculty and appreciate the many opportunities that the university has given to me.”

—Samuel I. Zeveloff