Adolph Yonkee (2018)


Geosciences professor Adolph Yonkee is a world-renowned expert on how mountains form and the nature of movements along major faults, such as the Rocky Mountains and the Andes Mountains of South America.

During his 27-year tenure at Weber State, he has developed a sustained and internationally recognized research program, funded by numerous external grants, including seven major grants from the National Science Foundation since 2008. The grants have supported collaboration with multiple universities.

Yonkee’s research program has resulted in more than 30 presentations at scientific conferences since 2008 and 16 peer-reviewed publications in leading geoscience journals, including Earth-Science Reviews and the Journal of Structural Geology.

In 2017, the Geological Society of America’s Structural Geology & Tectonics Division recognized Yonkee and co-author Arlo Weil, geology professor from Bryn Mawr College, with its Outstanding Publication Award. This award is given annually for a published work of exceptional merit that significantly advances science in the area of tectonics.

“What is remarkable about Dr. Yonkee’s extraordinary research contributions is they were made without sacrificing the quality of his teaching and service,” wrote Andrea Easter-Pilcher, College of Science dean in the nomination letter. “Throughout his WSU tenure, Dr. Yonkee has received strong student course evaluations and continually works to improve his teaching.”

Yonkee has mentored numerous undergraduate research experiences and included students in field research from Utah to the Andes Mountains. He also served as chair of the Department of Geosciences for 15 years from 1997-2012.